Developers integrate quick test to activate Taproot on Bitcoin Core

Sandra Loyd

The rapid test implementation or speedy trial has already been integrated into the Bitcoin Core client, which will give miners a short period to signal their support for the Taproot scalability solution .

Taproot would allow creating more complex, but lighter, smart contracts in Bitcoin, with benefits in transaction processing and user privacy.

As reported by CriptoNoticias, the speedy trial was proposed on March 6 as an alternative to the heated debate about the activation of Taproot. As agreed by the developers this week, and as indeed happened yesterday, April 14 at night, the speedy trial was added to the base code of the Bitcoin Core client on GitHub and will be executed with the BIP 9 (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) protocol, a method to implement scalability solutions in Bitcoin through a soft fork or soft fork .

Although the majority consensus led the developers to make this decision, some notable Bitcoin contributors, such as Luke Dash Jr, did not they agree. This developer claims that a consensus had previously been reached on the activation of Taproot around BIP 8, a method that leaves this type of decision in the hands of users or network nodes with the command lockintimeout=true ( lot=True ).

Dash argued on Twitter that other Bitcoin Core contributors were ignoring this consensus and pushing your own agenda. “It is an attack against Bitcoin, it does not represent anything good,” he said.

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Developers have debated for months the various alternatives to activate Taproot in the Bitcoin Core code. Composition by CriptoNoticias. Sources: geralt /; bitcoincore / /; grafvision /

For his part, the developer Adam Back, published his opinion on Reddit regarding this debate, noting that although there are details that make the difference between BIP 8 and BIP 9, perhaps the debate was getting to the point where finally the activation of Taproot would be hampered by issues that do not really compromise the security and integrity of Bitcoin.

On the one hand it is positive that people care enough to discuss these details for months and months, but also sad that Luke has become so aggressive that he is fighting to the death (well, not so much, but he qualifies this as an attack on Bitcoin) for small details, not only because of the fatigue these debates generate, but because he also wastes rhetorical resources that would be better used in matters that really matter.

Adam Back, Developer.

Back also assured that this debate has escalated so much in its proportions that it could demotivate people to participate , which would be a great loss; “Loss on a larger scale than some technical details that no one will remember in 5 years,” he stated.

For his part, Russel O’Connor, who initially designed and proposed the speedy trial , stated in the same Reddit thread that has found no major resistance to this method from the community , as well as Nor does it consider that reaching consensus on a proposal automatically rejects other ways to activate Taproot.

Luke Jr states that There is widespread opposition in the community against the speedy trial , but this claim is not based on well-supported scrutiny. It is not related to the observations, interactions and experiences that I have been able to know, as well as the experience of other developers who support the speedy trial .

Russell O’Connor, Developer.

As we reported in CryptoNews, developer Luke Dash Jr. also raised criticism against Taproot for allegedly opening a vulnerability in Bitcoin to quantum computing , but this argument was also quickly dismissed by developers and the community. .

For now, the activation of Taproot is already on track to start this year . An updated version of Bitcoin Core with the integration of the speedy trial is expected to be released in the next few weeks. From there, the process of signaling miners about their support for Taproot could occur in less than two months.

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