Demonstrations in Iraq are renewed … Road closures in Nasiriyah and the release of gas in Najaf


There have been renewed protests against the deteriorating living conditions in Iraq. On Monday, demonstrators closed Al-Nasr Bridge, Al-Zaitoun, and Civilizations in the center of Nasiriyah in Dhi Qar Governorate, southern Iraq, and burned tires and prevented vehicles from running, and demanded that an independent person be chosen for the position of governor.

The demonstrators chanted, “Hey hey and hey hehe … the revolution cools and Nasiriyah responds.”

Dhi Qar protesters also confirmed the continuation of the October revolution against the parties.

In Najaf, security forces fired tear gas canisters at protesters calling for the dismissal of Najaf Governor Louai Al-Yasiri.

This comes after a relative calm in the country, after the protesters announced at the end of last February, the suspension of their demonstrations, and giving the government 3 days to implement their demands.

The demonstrations began on February 21 when they were launched. Security forces fired to disperse demonstrators who were trying to storm the local government building using stones. The demonstrators demanded the dismissal of the governor of Nasiriyah and justice for the demonstrators who have been killed since 2019.

Killed and dozens of wounded

It is reported that at least 5 protesters were killed in the demonstrations, while more than 175 others were injured during the clashes between the protesters and the security forces in Nasiriyah, according to What was previously reported by Reuters, while a medical source confirmed that most of the deaths were caused by bullets.

It is noteworthy that Iraq witnessed the largest anti-government protests in decades in October 2019, which lasted for several months. It contains hundreds of thousands of Iraqis with jobs and services and the overthrow of the ruling elite, whom they accuse of corruption, quotas, and dependency.

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