Demetrious Johnson would have fought during coronavirus if still with UFC

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Former UFC champ, Demetrious Johnson, states if the UFC has “the balls” to host battles during the coronavirus pandemic, they should.

Former UFC champ, Demetrious Johnson, is extensively thought about among the most intelligent fighters both inside and out of thecage His in-cage battle IQ and his real-world street smarts have taken him towards a title shot in ONE Championship and made him into an individual that Mixed Martial Arts fans seek to for assistance.

Now, as the whole sports world is closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Johnson is using some concepts of how a battle might continue and why he’s most likely have fought … if asked.

“My honest opinion, yeah, I think I would have fought if I was one of the athletes,” Johnson informed FanSided today. “The reason … offering my truthful viewpoint about this entire scenario– you understand when the UFC did their last battle, and even when ONE Championship did their last battle– [behind closed doors], no fans whatsoever. Not one of the professional athletes popped forcoronavirus My entire thing is that there’s point A, and [you have] to get to point C. The problem is point B: a professional athlete’s training, and he does not have COVID-19 And after that he gets on an airplane, and in between him obtaining from point A, all the method to the ring or cage anywhere the individual is completing — that’s theproblem if you were to fly the professional athlete out, you understand, 3 weeks prior to the competition. That method they go through the 14- day quarantine or they arrive and you test them. And after that, they take everyone who does not have COVID-19, watch in the arena and complete. And after that when they leave, that indicates no other way, you must get COVID-19 from my understanding that we understand about it.”

He does not even blame anybody for desiring the battles to continue.

“I think right now with any sports organization, they’re trying to capitalize on this opportunity,” he stated. “There’s no live sports on right now. Not one thing is on TV, everything’s a rerun. No new movies or nothing. I felt like the UFC is trying to risk it because if they were to risk it, it would have been huge, huge — viewership would have been out the window. So I think with them moving forward with trying to get the island — if they got the money, why not? Because who knows how long this is going to be here. And if you can capitalize on that, I mean, if you have the balls to do it, then do it. All I can do is what I’m doing to keep myself healthy. If somebody out there wants to take the risk, you do what you want to do.”

Johnson is, obviously, describing the unsuccessful effort at hosting UFC 249 and their brand-new effort at hosting a card on May 9. Johnson is no longer with the UFC and his brand-new promo, ONE Championship, has actually held off all battles, including his scheduled title shot. When and if that battle will take location,

He states he hasn’t been informed anything concrete about.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m assuming it’s in limbo, obviously, with the state of the world is at right now; this epidemic,” he stated. “This morning, Singapore just announced they had 233 new cases of the coronavirus, so which means that it’s just spreading over there. And I heard earlier today that they’re thinking about pushing our stay home orders to the end of May; it hasn’t been confirmed yet. So, as far as I’m concerned, I’m doing the best I can to stay in shape, but I haven’t been updated with anything. But from the looks of it, it looks like it might possibly get pushed back just from my assessment of what’s going on in our world today.”

ONE Championship is based in Singapore and runs shows throughout Asia, where the infection grew and stemmed to uncontrollable percentages. Johnson is residing in the United States where the infection has actually required the majority of its residents inside your home forever.

That has actually triggered fitness centers to be closed and Mixed Martial Arts fighters required to think about brand-new regimens to remain in battle shape. Johnson is no various however states he relies greatly on the items he utilizes during his regular battle camps.

“Obviously, I can’t be in tip-top shape to go out there and compete,” he stated of his brand-new regimen. “However as far as healthwise, keeping my weight in check. I’m doing that, simply as a way of life.

Every day I take my glutamine, which assists me recuperate my muscles and likewise my GI system. [Onnit] treats are tasty. Their warrior bar– the warrior Tonka bars– simply had among those prior to I went on to play video games and stream. And clearly their vitamins– I generally take the vitamin D however our sun is out today so I do not need any more vitamin D since today. And their protein shake, it’s a great choice to take. Rather of having a bowl of cereal for a treat. Simply all the supplements are great.”

Johnson comprehends that there’s just a lot he manage today. That’s a lesson he states he’s found out through quarantine.

“You can’t control everything,” he chuckled. “Just thing you can manage this what you have control over, you understand, which is my family, my health, my sleep, my nutrition my training. I have lost a little control by training with this epidemic. With all the fitness centers closed, I can’t go to the gym and punching bag, or do grapple or focus mitts. It’s most likely been practically … 5 to 6 weeks [since I’ve] punched anything, which is something I can’t manage. At the end of the day, I’m grateful for my health, I’m grateful that everyone in my family is healthy, and all we can do is a hunker down and wait till this blows over.”

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