Daughter of Uyghur Historian Questions Legitimacy of State Media Video Denying His Detention

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A Chinese state paper has actually launched a video in which a popular Uyghur historian who vanished in 2017 in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Area (XUAR) rejects reports that he had actually been apprehended, triggering his daughter to recommend the recording was made under pressure.

Iminjan Seydin, 54, started teaching courses on Chinese history at the Xinjiang Islamic Institute in the XUAR capital Urumqi in 1988 upon finishing from the distinguished Xinjiang University and in 2012 formed the Imin Publishing House, which within 5 years had actually released around 50 books on subjects that consisted of technology, education, psychology, and women’s concerns.

Seydin, while a Muslim, was not especially spiritual and usually stuck to federal government standards on faith– putting his commitment to the Communist Party prior to the main tenets of Islam– according to his daughter, Samira Imin, who has actually resided in exile in the U.S. given that 2014 and just recently talked to RFA’s Uyghur Service.

He taught nonreligious courses on revolutionary history, signed up with numerous government-sponsored hajj trips to Capital, and in early 2017 was sent out to Kokterek town, in Hotan (in Chinese, Hetian) prefecture’s Guma (Pishan) county, to sign up with a work group with the XUAR Bureau of Religious Affairs.

However in spite of toeing the party line, Seydin was apprehended upon his go back to Urumqi in Might 2017 by the Public Security Bureau, which did not supply his family with any info about where he was being held, Imin informed RFA in December in 2015, pointing out contacts in the XUAR.

Imin stated her dad was founded guilty in a closed trial some 2 years later on for releasing a book about Arabic grammar as a favor for a coworker at the Xinjiang Islamic Institute that included some referrals to Islam– literature that is allowed under Chinese laws securing spiritual liberty.

RFA had the ability to get a file from a confidential source in the XUAR which shows that Seydin was at first held at a center that comprises part of the area’s network of 1,300 -1,400 internment camps, where authorities are thought to have actually held 1.8 million Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities implicated of harboring “strong religious views” and “politically incorrect” concepts given that April 2017.

The file, entitled “Notice on the Censuring of Iminjan Seydin” and released by the Xinjiang Islamic Institute in November 2019, stated that in February 2019 Urumqi’s Tengritagh (Tianshan) District Court discovered Seydin guilty of “inciting extremism” and sentenced him to 15 years in jail, 5 years’ deprivation of political rights, and a fine of 500,000 yuan (U.S. $71,000), although it mentions no proof of his criminal activities.

In its notification, the school states it ended Seydin’s employment agreement after he was apprehended and positioned in a camp, liquified his relationship to the institute, and ended his wage and advantages.

On Monday, the official China Daily released a video stating that “overseas anti-China forces deceived” Imin into believing authorities had “illegally detained” her dad, who they described as “a retired teacher,” which he wished to record a video refuting the “rumor.”

“In fact, that was not true,” Seydin, who appears to have actually been shaved bald in spite of sporting a streaming head of hair 3 years previously, states in the video. “This is deception and nonsense.”

” I am living well, totally free and healthy. My lady, I simply wish to inform you this: to not think them or do anything they ask you to do. If not for [the] Communist Party of China and federal government, we would not be living a delighted life like now.”

Seydin asks his daughter to “stop saying those things” and reveals hope that she can finish her research studies early and be reunited with her family in China, where he states she will “have many opportunities.”

‘Working in Hotan’

Speaking with RFA days later on, Imin stated she had the ability to hold a video call with her dad on Tuesday through the WeChat messaging platform, throughout which he informed her “he’d been working in Hotan the whole time and wanted to really focus on what he was doing, and so he’d not been using his phone.”

“So, he completely denied that he was detained,” she stated.

According to Imin, Seydin informed her that he had actually just recently gotten a yearly medical examination and was provided a tidy costs of health, in spite of having actually formerly experienced a vascular condition in his legs.

“He mostly spoke, and I didn’t really say much,” she stated. “He discussed the [importance of loyalty to the] federal government and the Party.”

“He didn’t say that he was going back to work, but he said that he would start getting in touch with me every day. I could see in his face, it was like he was saying, ‘finally, I’m back,’ and he looked happy.”

Imin stated that when she asked her dad why he had no hair, he informed her “he had it shaved off to deal with all the sand in Hotan.”

“My dad has always been proud of his hair—he never cut it so short,” Imin stated.

” If you take a look at what he was using [in the video], it looks like [the authorities] simply got whatever old clothing they might discover from his closet and dressed him in a rush to movie it,” she added.

” My daddy is the kind of individual who [usually] pays a lot of attention to his look, to his clothing. When it comes to his physical look, he’s lost a lot of weight. I have actually never ever seen my dad so little prior to.”

Iminjan Seydin in an undated image taken prior to his detention.

Claims questioned

RFA likewise talked to Francisco Bencosme, the Asia Pacific Advocacy Manager at Amnesty International U.S.A., who questioned the claims made in the China Daily video.

“Obviously we are very much concerned about the arbitrary detention and sentencing of Iminjan—it’s clear he had an unfair trial and this video is not independently verified, as it was released by the government,” he stated.

“China is well-known for forcing prisoners to say things in order to discredit the pressure the Chinese government is getting around Iminjan’s case, but also about Uyghurs in general.”

Bencosme stated that the deceptive nature of Seydin’s trial highlights the kinds of strategies the XUAR federal government is utilizing to maltreat Uyghurs in the area, while looking for to legitimize them in the name of marking out “religious extremism.”

“If there was nothing really going on with Iminjan then no there is no reason why they shouldn’t release him and why there shouldn’t be a proper investigation into all the Uyghurs who are continuously put in camps,” he stated.

“That’s why we have to take videos like this with a grain of salt.”

Video propaganda campaign

In current months, the hashtag #StillNoInfo has actually acquired a following on social media platforms amongst Uyghurs in exile who state their family members are most likely apprehended in camps or put behind bars in the XUAR.

The hashtag ended up being even more commonly utilized after XUAR Chairman Shohret Zakir held an interview on Dec. 9 declaring that all detainees in the camps, which China describes as “vocational education and training centers,” had “graduated” and went back to their houses, triggering numerous banished Uyghurs to question why they were still not able to call their family members and enjoyed ones.

In reaction, China Global Tv Network (CGTN)– the international arm of the official China Central Tv (CCTV)– has actually introduced a video propaganda campaign entitled “Crash the #StillNoInfo rumors” in which news anchor Tao Yuan meets numerous of the “missing” family members as part of a quote to challenge the claims made by Uyghurs in exile about China’s policies in the XUAR.

China’s domestic broadcaster CCTV has in current years been captured out staging telecasted confessions of human rights attorneys and activists. In one case, human rights attorney Wang Yu stated in 2018 that she had actually consented to make a forced confession after Chinese authorities threatened to stop her from seeing her child.

Reported by Jilil Kashgary for RFA’s Uyghur Service. Equated by Elise Anderson. Composed in English by Joshua Lipes.

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