Cory Sandhagen keeps grounded working at children’s hospital

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Cory Sandhagen (Image by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

UFC bantamweight Cory Sandhagen keeps grounded working in a children’s injury.

No. 4 ranked bantamweight Cory Sandhagen (12 -1) went into the UFC 135 pound division in late 2018 and has won all 5 of his battles within the Octagon given that. This Saturday at UFC 250 Sandhagen will have the chance to place himself for a title shot if he can best his nextopponent On Saturday Sandhagen will deal with No. 2 ranked Aljamain Sterling (18 -3) who has won 6 of his last 7 trips in the UFC Octagon. According to Sandhagen, his manager informed him that if he beats Sterling he will be the top competitor in the bantamweightdivision

Throughout the UFC 250 virtual media day on Thursday afternoon, Sandhagen was asked about his part-time task working in a children’s injury.

“Mount St. Vincent is the facility that I still technically do work, I just haven’t been working through this coronavirus,” he stated. “I do still work there and have been working there since I’ve been in the UFC. But instead, now I’m not working there overnights or 30 hours a week there, 40 hours a week there. Now I’m working there because it gives me a sense of doing something outside of fighting that brings a little bit more meaning to my everyday life.”

The UFC bantamweight advanced describing his enthusiasm for working with the personnel and kids.

“I help out there about once a week right now,” he stated. “That place is special in my heart; they allowed me to pick my own schedule as I was coming up through my MMA career which is really hard to do when you’re a broke fighter when you’re fighting for two-grand ($2,000), and you’re only fighting three times a year that’s really hard. They really facilitated that for me, and I keep them really close to my heart. Although I haven’t been there in probably two months, since this Coronavirus stuff all started, I mean I’m definitely going to go back to work. If not next week, by the week afterward.”

Cory Sandhagen kept his UFC 250 battle a secret from clients at children’s hospital

He was followed up with a concern about how the personnel and the children at Mount St. Vincent felt about his profession as an expert fighter in the UFC.

“Yeah, I try to keep it separate,” he stated. “All of the personnel, they support me, they like to discuss it so they enjoy it. I believe that it’s enjoyable for them. As far as the kids, those kids exist due to the fact that they have a history of injury which suggests that a great deal of the cases have some type abuse in the past, so, for me, I attempt to keep it under covers that I’m a fighter. When I inform them that I’m a fighter, a few of the older ones, they can sort of manage it. They believe that I’m doing WWE, they believe I’m heading out and wrestling.

I do not believe that they truly comprehend the quality and the level of battling that I in fact am taking part in. I do attempt to keep it different. The personnel there, who truthfully I’m a little more there for due to the fact that I understand that establishing a relationship with a kid seeing them as soon as a week is hard, however, if I can take a little bit of the tension off of the personnel since that is an exceptionally difficult task. If I can enter a couple of hours a week and simply take a little tension off them, that I believe they need it, which’s good for me to attempt to return to them so that they’re a bit more rested so that when they go kind relationship it can be a bit more powerful.”

Sandhagen was last arranged to eliminate former UFC light-weight champ, Frankie Edgar in January prior to that battle was eventually canceled. Sandhagen’s last UFC look was almost 10 months back when he beat Raphael Assuncao by decision at UFC 241 in August 2019.

UFC 250 occurs on Saturday, June 6, 2020, live from the UFC Pinnacle in Las Vegas, NV. Follow together with FanSided for all your live news and highlights.

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