Coronavirus: Why the pandemic may still be hurting the environment

Derrick Santistevan

Decreased air contamination, empty roadways and clear skies have now end up being a typical sight in locked-down towns and cities around the world.

Nevertheless, a charity has actually alerted that COVID-19 has still had an unfavorable influence on the environment.

Ocean Conservatory vice president Doug Cress stated the coronavirus has actually suggested “much higher numbers” of plastic waste are being disposed in the oceans.

There are issues excessive plastic is still being flushed into oceans

Even prior to the pandemic started, 8 million metric tonnes of plastic was making its method into our seas.

Mr Cress stated: “[There’s] all the individual security products – that does not even consider the plastic coming out of the food market or the takeout that is ending up being the just method to service dining establishments.”

He worried that when it concerns protective equipment, the concern is public safety.

And although he stated “there’s no point having this battle now about plastic”, he alerted there is “no doubt” that conversations will need to be had when things go back to regular.

“I think we were making good progress. In many cases you saw where plastic bags were banned, where there was a tremendous focus on other types of packaging and waste management,” he stated.

“This has all been rolled back dramatically due to coronavirus and we will have to regain that ground.”

It isn’t all doom and gloom. According to the World Meteorological Organisation, global co2 emissions will likely visit 6% this year as a result of the pandemic.

Mr Cress stated he hoped the lots of pictures of lockdown’s favorable environmental result will teach people to take in less than they carried out in a pre-pandemic world, and be kinder to the environment.

“Sometimes extreme measures produce extreme results,” he stated.

“My message first would be take care of yourself… but as we go forward, take these lessons to heart and don’t forget how beautiful it was to see clear blue oceans and clear blue skies and mountains in the Vista.”

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