Coronavirus: Watch the moment an NHS worker is reunited with her daughters after nine weeks

Derrick Santistevan

A heartfelt video of an NHS worker being reunited with her young daughters after nine weeks apart has actually gone viral.

Suzie Vaughan, 43, invested more than 2 months far from her daughters Hettie, 7, and Bella, nine, while she dealt with a coronavirus ward.

In the video, she is seen slipping up behind her children, who had actually been remaining with her sibling Charlotte.

Suzie Vaughan states it was a ‘hard decision’ to keep away from her children

The children had actually been enjoying a laptop when their mom asked from behind them, “What are you watching?”

When they understood who it was, the children reversed and shouted “Mummy!” prior to the 3 accepted.

Ms Vaughan, from King’s Lynn, Norfolk, stated: “We had stated it was just going to be for an optimum of a month, however no one understood at the start of this how it was going to go.

” It was remarkable to see them once again, I missed out on the ladies extremely.

“When they started crying I felt so bad but so relieved I was back with them.”

Ms Vaughan stated it had actually been a “hard decision to make” not to see her children, however she had actually done it to keep them safe.

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She even needed to invest her birthday apart from her daughters, rather working a 12- hour shift in an extensive care system.

” Now they won’ t let me out of their sight. When I put them to bed they stated, ‘Am I dreaming mummy?’

” I do hope it does not have a ripple effect on them, however kids are rather resistant,” she stated.

The family will now invest the next week together prior to the ladies go back to school.

Ms Vaughan added: “We still have clients can be found in however it’s not as bad as it was, and now I am totally worn with PPE when dealing with a Covid patient.

“I just kept thinking of the girls, I wanted to keep them safe. And I was able to put more hours in at work and help the patients at work who needed it.”

She likewise prompted the public to continue following lockdown guidelines.

“There are so many people making sacrifices and until you experience it yourself you don’t always appreciate what has gone out,” she stated.

“To see people suffer the way I have had to see patients suffer, I wish people could see the other side of it and think of other people.”

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