Coronavirus: Vast majority of the population at risk if there’s a second wave, top scientist warns

Derrick Santistevan

One of the federal government’s clinical advisors has actually informed Sky News that people need to presume a second wave of coronavirus “is coming”.

Sir Jeremy Farrar stated that, although lockdown in the UK has actually reduced COVID-19, it has actually not altered the basic method it sends in between people and “we have not got rid of it”.

The senior member of the Scientific Group for Emergency Situations (SAGE), which encourages ministers on the pandemic, alerted the vast majority of every population in every nation stays vulnerable to coronavirus – and if there is a second wave, lots of would be at risk of ending up being contaminated.

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Speaking on Sky’s After The Pandemic: Our New World, he stated: “This is now a human endemic infection. In the UK and much of the world, in fact just about 6 or 8% of people have actually seen this infection and we hope are immune.

“That means over 90% of people have not seen yet this infection and are probably still susceptible to it.”

He added: “What countries have actually got to do is discover lessons from the first wave.

“Put in place things we didn’t get right in the first wave, and make sure when we come into the autumn and the winter this year when other infections – influenza – will be circulating as well, we have everything we need in place so we can reduce the impact of that second wave.”

Former primary medical officer for England, Teacher Dame Sally Davies, stated some countries that have actually got the infection under control have actually had more break outs and she stated there might even be a 3rd wave coming.

She stated: “The countries that appear to have actually got rid of it still have cases turning up, and while it’s rattling around the world it will be really challenging to get rid of

” If you think of influenza, it remains in the northern hemisphere, then it goes to the southern, it might alter, however then it returnsround And it simply goes round every year with various pressures, and various changes.”

After the Pandemic: Science and Medication

Dame Sally added: “It’s not disappeared in Britain. We need to continue with the preparation and the work that’s taking place because, though I’m not a forecaster or a modeller, I would choose to be gotten ready for a second, and even possibly a 3rd wave.

” When we recall at 2009-10, the moderate influenza pandemic, we had 3 waves therefore we can anticipate more of this. The concern is – is it a big wave or is it since of the method we manage it, lots of little waves? It will go on till we are immune.”

Sir Jeremy, who likewise acts as director of the Wellcome Trust, likewise stated he was “positive” there would be a successful vaccine “soon”, but cautioned: ” What soon implies I do not understand.”

He stated: “We still do not have vaccines for TB and malaria. We can’t put all hopes on a vaccine. Yes I’m positive, yes the science is advancing exceptionally rapidly all around the world, consisting of here in the UK, however we can’t presume we will have a vaccine.”

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