Coronavirus: Prisoners filmed deliberately trying to catch COVID-19 to try to get early release

Adrian Ovalle

Jail prisoners have actually been captured on video camera deliberately trying to contaminate themselves with the coronavirus in the hope it would protect early release.

2 groups of prisoners being kept in a system at the Los Angeles County prison in Castaic, California were filmed sharing water bottles and a face mask.

The behaviour, according to the Los Angeles County Constable, led to nearly half of the prisoners in the system later on evaluating favorable for the infection.

“Somehow there was some mistaken belief among the inmate population that if they tested positive there was some way that it would force our hands and release inmates,” stated LA County constable Alex Villaneuva.

“That is not going to happen.”

In April, authorities ended up being alarmed by an unexpected spike in believed cases at the North County Reformatory. There had actually been no coronavirus cases till then.

When they studied security video footage from a day-room, they saw prisoners circulating and smelling a face mask and drinking from a shared Styrofoam cup.

Private investigators then discovered video footage of a second event where prisoners were taking sips from the very same bottle of warm water, minutes prior to they were due to have their temperature levels examined by a nurse.

Within weeks, 30 prisoners – out of a population of around 50 in the system – had actually either evaluated favorable or fallen ill.

Villaneuva stated: “It is sad to think that someone would deliberately try to expose themselves to COVID-19.”

He stated no-one had actually confessed trying to spread out the infection however that”their behaviour convicted them” He stated prisoners normally “jealously guard” their own drinking mugs for worry of contracting a health problem.

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The Los Angeles County prison system is the greatest on the planet and more than 5,000 prisoners have actually been launched throughout the coronavirus crisis. To qualify, prisoners need to be within 60 days of their set up release.

An examination into the effort to spread out the infection is now being performed and prisoners might deal with criminal charges.

The constable stated it was “deeply disturbing” that they would threaten themselves, other prisoners and personnel.

“There’s a reason why they’re behind bars in the first place, because they violate the norms of society.”

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