Coronavirus: Parents not taking sick children to hospital over COVID-19 fears, says leading doctor

Derrick Santistevan

Parents of seriously ill children are not taking them to hospital due to the fact that of fears over the coronavirus, according to a leading doctor.

Dr Sanjay Patel, an expert in paediatric transmittable illness at Southampton Children’s Hospital, stated less children were being brought to the emergency situation department with conditions such as sepsis, appendicitis and dehydration – however those who are being generated are more badly ill.

He stated some parents were not looking for aid as they were stressed their kid might contract COVID-19 in hospital, while others presume that all health problems are being brought on by coronavirus

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Dr Patel stated: “These are distressing and very difficult times for households and I can’t worry how essential it is to follow the federal government guidance about social distancing in order to decrease the speed of COVID-19

” Nevertheless, I’m actually stressed there is a really real danger that some children with health problems such as appendicitis, dehydration or perhaps sepsis are not being brought to see health care specialists as rapidly as they would be typically.

” We are seeing less children than we would anticipate to see at this time of year, especially through our emergency situation department, and those we are seeing who do not have actually COVID-19 are more badly weak.

“We’ve seen evidence of this in Hampshire as well as across the country.”

Dr Patel has actually assisted to establish national assistance on children’s health which will enable parents to examine when they must look for medical aid.

A red, amber and green traffic control system encourages them when they must look for immediate medical guidance.

According to the assistance, produced in combination with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Kid Health, parents must take their kid to A&E or call 999 if they have any of the following signs:

• Becomes fade, mottled and feels unusually cold to the touch
• Has stops briefly in their breathing (apnoeas), has an irregular breathing pattern or begins groaning
• Extreme problem in breathing, ending up being upset or unresponsive
• Is going blue round the lips
• Has a fit/seizure
• Ends up being very distressed (sobbing inconsolably regardless of interruption), puzzled, really sluggish (hard to wake) or unresponsive
• Establishes a rash that does not vanish with pressure (the ‘glass test’)
• Has testicular discomfort, specifically in teenage young boys

Parents must call their GP surgical treatment or call NHS 111 if their kid has any of the following signs:

• Is discovering it hard to breathe consisting of attracting of the muscles below their lower ribs, at their neck or in between their ribs (economic downturn) or head bobbing
• Appears dehydrated (dry mouth, sunken eyes, no tears, sleepy or passing less urine than normal)
• Is ending up being sleepy (exceedingly drowsy) or irritable (not able to settle them with toys, TELEVISION, food or getting) – specifically if they stay irritable or sleepy regardless of their fever boiling down
• Has severe shivering or suffers muscle discomfort
• Children under 3 months of age with a temperature level above 38 C (1004 F)
• Babies 3 to 6 months of age with a temperature level above 39 C (1022 F)
• For all babies and children with a fever above 38 C for more than 5 days
• Is becoming worse or if you are anxious
• Has consistent throwing up and/or consistent extreme stomach discomfort
• Has blood in their poo or wee
• Any limb injury triggering minimized motion, consistent discomfort or head injury triggering consistent sobbing or sleepiness

The assistance acknowledges that gain access to to a health care specialist might be postponed, so if signs continue for 4 hours or more and parents have actually been not able to speak to a GP or 111, they must take their kid to the nearby A&E.

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Dr Patel added: “We understand that the message about COVID-19 is so effective and parents are putting most children’s health problems down to this.

” It is actually essential for parents to acknowledge that COVID-19 is not triggering extreme infection and disease in many children.”

He added: “If your kid is weak do not presume they have actually COVID-19, please have a look at the resources we have actually developed and if your kid has any of the red or amber features look for aid urgently.”

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