Coronavirus: On the streets of Leicester, where lockdown remains and fear reigns

Derrick Santistevan

The streets around North Evington to the east of Leicester’s city centre definitely aren’t deserted, however lots of of those out and about are using face masks and attempting to keep their range.

Individuals we speak with state they’re doing their food shopping, which is allowed.

A lot of services are closed – however those offering necessary products are open.

Cops patrol the streets to advise people of the continuing lockdown guidelines in Leicester

We see a minimum of 6 policemans and neighborhood assistance officers walking the streets advising people of the coronavirus lockdown guidelines in the hour or two that we exist.

A couple of days ago the authorities closed 2 services for breaching lockdown, and they’re examining whether others have actually breached guidelines.

There’s a fine of anywhere in between ₤100 and ₤ 3,200 for anybody captured breaking the guidelines.

I marvel to see a coffeehouse open – however when I see within, they have actually diversified to offer food.

It has to do with “survival”, states Wahid, who runs it.

He’s surrounded by closed factories, so tramp is substantially down. , if he’s fortunate he’ll makes 30% of what he usually does.. He informs me that his consumers are “scared” of the infection.

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A little more down the roadway, grocer Shinto Infant informs me that he believed people were now sticking to lockdown.

“In the last few days my takings are down by between £1,500 and £2,000 daily, so not as many people are coming out,” he stated.

Dave Singh has actually popped to the store to get some milk.

A coronavirus screening website in Leicester

He declared people “haven’t been observing lockdown”, now they’re “frightened”.

He stated he ‘d closed his factory, which uses 35 people, and his better half was too concerned to leave the house.

I see a senior couple who inform me they had actually prepared to choose a beverage and a hairstyle this weekend – however that won’ t be occurring now.

About half a mile away I identify a line and 2 blue camping tents on a car park. On closer assessment it’s one of the “pop up” COVID-19 test centres established in this location due to the high number of cases here.

Why is Leicester entering into lockdown?

It’s staffed by the NHS and themilitary Captain Jack Reed informs me they have actually evaluated more than 200 people considering that it opened the other day.

I viewed Satish and Rashmi Surani having their swab tests – they were “surprised” to discover the test centre “on their doorstep” and had actually come for “piece of mind”.

Mr Surani informed me he ‘d been wishing to go out for a coffee today and felt “penalised” by the scenario here – which, at the extremely least, will continue for 2 weeks.

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