Coronavirus: New Jersey care homes investigated due to high number of COVID-19 deaths

Adrian Ovalle

Care homes in the United States state of New Jersey are being investigated due to high numbers of deaths from COVID-19 and allegations they have actually intentionally kept details from anxious loved ones.

Twenty-nine senior locals have actually passed away at one home in the town of Elizabeth and 40 of the staying 52 locals are ill with the infection.

At another home in the north of the state, 17 bodies were discovered squeezed into a little morgue developed to hold just 4.

Cops made the discovery after getting a confidential tip-off that a body was being kept in a shed on the premises.

Distressed loved ones who spoke to Sky News grumbled they are not being informed what is going on.

“Nobody told us,” one family member stated.

” I heard it on the news and nobody in the office is addressing our concerns, no one is offering us any information, no one is informing us anything.

“We’re all sitting ducks, waiting to see if someone is going to tell us our family member passed away.”

Care homes in New Jersey are seeing a high number of COVID-19 deaths

Viviana Olivero’s granny, Dioselina, was a citizen of Elizabeth Nursing and Rehabilitation. She passed away in medical facility recently after her family pleaded with the home to take her in. She was 78 years of ages.

“We believe that she was sick over a week,” Viviana stated.

“We had not been notified. We had an employee who let us know. She was not able to breathe, she was having respiratory issues, she was experiencing all the symptoms and for some reason she was not taken to the ER.”

Elizabeth Nursing and Rehabilitation Center remains in New Jersey

The first verification Dioselina’s family had that coronavirus remained in the nursing home was when they got a letter after she passed away.

The regional mayor informed Sky News he has actually asked New Jersey’s guv and state attorney general of the United States to examine the home.

“I ache for those relatives. I hurt for those relatives for the simple reason they get a letter from the nursing home telling them what’s going on,” Mayor Chris Bollwage stated.

“That’s not the way the administrator of this nursing home should deal with the families who are dealing with all this anguish.”

Mayor Chris Bollwage of Elizabeth states he ‘pains’ for mourning loved ones

The nursing home didn’t reply to our e-mails however when we telephoned them they stated: “This is not a distinct circumstance to Elizabeth nursing.

” Regrettably lots of nursing homes in New Jersey are under the exact same circumstance and we’re dealing with the Department for Health and regional health firms to adhere to the department.

“So right now our main focus is caring for the residents.”

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