Coronavirus: Man jailed for coughing on police – and saying he wanted their children to get COVID-19

Derrick Santistevan

A man who intentionally coughed on 2 police officers throughout the coronavirus lockdown has actually been jailed.

Michael Gray, 41, was sentenced to 19 weeks in jail after he confessed attacking an emergency situation services employee and utilizing threatening words and behaviour.

2 patrol officers had actually approached the accused in Brixton last Thursday as he appeared to be bugging 3 women.

When they inspected his information, they discovered he was wanted on warrant for stopping working to appear in court.

On his arrest, Gray deliberately coughed towards the officers and, while in custody, threatened to spit at them.

He specified that he hoped to contaminate them with COVID-19 so that they would pass it on to their children.

At a hearing prior to Croydon magistrates, Gray was provided 8 weeks for the attack on police officers and 11 weeks for a different drug driving offense.

He was likewise fined ₤100 for the public order offense.

Gray, of south Norwood, south London, was likewise disqualified from driving for 26 months.

On Tuesday, Superintendent Kris Wright stated: “This attack on our officers whilst performing their responsibilities securing the neighborhoods of Lambeth and Southwark is an attack on each people.

” Both officers showed the finest qualities of the Met, in spite of dangers to, and the danger of Covid-19 infection through this man’s actions, and even worse his desire to trigger damage to the officers’ children.

” I am grateful to the court that it treated this matter with the severity it is worthy of.

” Whilst these kind of attacks are fortunately unusual, currently all of us have a responsibility to do whatever we can to ‘secure the protectors’.

“My officers are doing everything they can to keep the public safe and police to the very best of their abilities, and we are grateful that the vast majority of people are making every effort to comply with the measures the government has introduced.”

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