Coronavirus: Man interviewed over death of railway worker who was spat on at station

Derrick Santistevan

Cops have interviewed a man in connection with an event including a railway worker who passed away with coronavirus.

Stubborn belly Mujinga passed away after being spat at by a member of the public declaring to have COVID-19 on the concourse of Victoria Station in London.

A British Transportation Cops representative stated: “Following a number of questions into an event at London Victoria station on March 21, officers determined a 57- year-old man from London in connection.

” He was interviewed under care today at a London authorities station.

” Investigators will continue to look at proof and examine the situations behind the event.

“They are not looking to identify anyone further in relation to the incident.”

Ms Mujinga, 47, who had an 11- year-old child, passed away in healthcare facility in Barnet, north London, on 5 April – 11 days after the attack.

Tummy Mujinga and her spouse Lusamba Gode Katalay

Ms Mujinga’s family revealed their anger at how she was not offered any PPE, in spite of having underlying breathing issues.

Her spouse, Lusamba Gode Katalay, stated: “They weren’t given masks, or gloves, so they were exposed to everyone. It’s her employer, the company and the state who have to look at that.”

According to her family, Ms Mujinga and her associate had actually asked not to be returned out and to rather work from inside the ticket office following the event.

However their demand was declined and they were informed people were required to work outside.

Personnel at Victoria Station had actually revealed their shock at Ms Mujinga’s death and voiced worries for their own safety.

Gate worker Victor Bangura, 34, stated: “I was really surprised. It is the last individual I would anticipate it to occur to.

” She was a great individual, looked healthy, she was a mom. Picture you see somebody now like me and the next time they are dead.

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