Coronavirus: Leicester lockdown ‘unneeded’ if data had been known earlier, says city’s mayor

Derrick Santistevan

Leicester’s mayor has actually criticised the federal government for just just recently supplying data that he declares might have avoided the city’s lockdown “ever being necessary”.

Sir Peter Soulsby informed Sky News’ Kay Burley @ Breakfast show that he felt “angry and frustrated”.

The federal government is set to review added limitations troubled Leicester – which has actually seen the UK’s first full regional coronavirus lockdown – later Thursday.

Shops and schools in Leicester have been required to close once again, while the resuming of dining establishments and clubs did not occur in the city in line with the rest of England earlier this month.

Sir Peter stated he did not anticipate to be notified of the results of the federal government’s review up until it is openly revealed.

“It will be a political decision that will take us out, the same way it was a political decision that brought us into lockdown,” he stated.

” I’m simply extremely mad and disappointed due to the fact that we have actually now, well into the lockdown, started to get some data from the federal government that in fact shows where the infection is and where it isn’t in the city.

“We’ve been asking for this for weeks.”

He stated the data shows the infections are primarily “in perhaps some 10% of neighbourhoods of the city and the remaining 90% is very largely free of it”.

“If we had this before, we could have used it to intervene – as Blackburn and other places are using it to intervene now – with those neighbourhoods to prevent the lockdown ever being necessary.”

Sir Peter stated the 10% of Leicester’s areas where COVID-19 infections are high had been signed up with by a “very angry and very frustrated 90%”.

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