Coronavirus: Harry Kane wants June deadline for Premier League completion

Tyler Hromadka

Tottenham striker Harry Kane thinks the Premier League season ought to be ditched if the campaign can not be finished by the end of June.

Like the majority of Europe, English football has ground to a stop due to the coronavirus pandemic with the Premier League suspended till a minimum of completion of April.

That date might rather quickly be pressed back and it stays to be seen how the Premier League will act to compete with the component stockpile.

Reports recommend games might be played behind closed doors to finish the calendar and attempt however Kane believes there must be a cut-off point if next season ends up being impacted.

“I know the Premier League are going to be trying all they can to finish the season, looking at every option possible. For me, I feel we need to try to finish the season, but there needs to be a point where enough is enough,” he stated on a live Instagram broadcast with Sky Sports expert Jamie Redknapp.

Saturday 3pm typically suggestsfootball At the minute it’s far more crucial everybody stays home. Do your bit. Safeguard the NHS, conserve lives. #StayHomeSaveLives

— Harry Kane (@HKane) March 28, 2020

” We might need to state, ‘we can’ t finish it’. Entering into July and August and pressing next season back, I do not truly see excessive advantage in doing that. I do not understand what’s going on behind the scenes, and what it suggests financially for clubs.

” From a players’ viewpoint, let’s attempt to finish the season, however there requires to be a limitation and most likely the limitation for me is by the end of June.

“If it isn’t completed by the end of June, we should look at the options and look forward to next season otherwise I feel it will have such a knock-on effect to next year, the Euros, then the World Cup in 2022.”

There have actually been 19,522 validated cases of coronavirus in the UK, while 1,235 people have actually passed away.

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