Coronavirus: Govt to ‘take a look at’ fines given to families in lockdown after vicar puts Hancock on spot

Derrick Santistevan

Fines given to people who have actually broken lockdown guidelines to gain access to child care will be “looked at” by the federal government, the health secretary has actually stated.

At the federal government’s everyday coronavirus press instruction, a vicar called Martin Poole from Brighton asked Matt Hancock: “Will the government review all penalty fines imposed on families travelling for childcare purposes during lockdown?”

The concern comes after days of criticism of Dominic Cummings, a senior Number 10 advisor, who took a trip to Durham from London to look for child care for his four-year-old kid in case him and his spouse ended up being “incapacitated” by COVID-19

‘It has to do with unfairness’

Mr Hancock responded: “We do comprehend the effect and the need for making certain that children get appropriate child care. That is among the considerable issues that we have actually had all the method through this.

” So I believe specifically originating from a guy of the fabric, that is completely sensible to eliminate that concern. I’ll have to talk to my treasury colleagues prior to I can address it in full and we’ll take a look at it and if we can get your information I’ll ensure we can compose to you with a full response and make a statement from this podium.”

Speaking after the conference to Sky News, Reverend Poole stated his concern was rooted in equality.

He stated: “I believe whatever about this weekend and the sort of storm that’s walking around … has to do with unfairness.

” I believe people feel a really strong sense that its wrong that particular people can act in a manner in which the rest people are not permitted to

” I’m extremely interested, as a vicar, in unfairness. There are all sorts of various inequalities in our society at the minute and this is simply among them that requirements to be figured out and especially for any families that have actually taken a trip, most likely fretted they were doing the incorrect thing, and were stopped and charged a penalty notification, that need to absolutely be, as far as I’m worried, reimbursed if that was permitted.”

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Reverend Poole added: “I don’t think any of us realised there was an element of discretion in these rules. It seemed to me very clear that it was about staying at home. And many millions of us have done that… so for me its about fairness.”

The early morning after: Cummings leaves home

He likewise stated that he “would like to see government ministers and advisers treated in the same way as everybody else,” which “there’s a sense with government that they sometimes operate on a different set of principles to the rest of us”.

Mr Poole would not be drawn on requiring Mr Cummings to resign, stating it was a matter for him and the Prime Minister.

A federal government minister has actually resigned over Mr Cummings’s journey and lots of Conservative MPs and more from other celebrations have actually openly required Mr Cumming’s resignation, after offering he provided a declaration the other day on his factors for taking a trip to his moms and dads’ estate in County Durham when the lockdown was in force.

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