Coronavirus: Government website to get British people to pick harvest crashes

Derrick Santistevan

The government’s website to get British people to pick this year’s harvest crashed within minutes of the environment secretary prompting people to check out it.

Throughout the day-to-day press rundown on Tuesday, George Eustice motivated British people – particularly those who are furloughed – to assist with this year’s harvest, which began in early May, by going to the Pick for Britain website.

However, minutes after his statement the website had actually crashed.

The Pick for Britain website crashed within minutes of George Eustice motivating people to sign up

A government source informed Sky News: “It has actually been up and running because April and currently great deals of people have actually discovered tasks from the website.

” So, it’s not a case that it’s a brand-new platform that’s not working.”

Mr Eustice stated in the rundown that just about a 3rd of people who would typically originate from overseas to assist with the harvest are currently here and just a little number more will take a trip for it.

“We will have to rely on British workers to bring harvest home,” he stated.

” We have actually introduced a brand-new Pick for Britain website that makes it possible for people to go online, inspect what task concerns there are, what task accessibility there is and to wed up task chances from growers and companies with those people looking for a second task – especially those who are furloughed.

” Our company believe those who are furloughed might be getting to the point that they desire to help, play their part. They might be desiring to get out or supplement their earnings with an extra task.

“If they do feel that way I would urge them to visit that website and look at the opportunities that are there.”

The Pick for Britain website was working prior to Mr Eustice prompted people to go see it

Previously in the day, Prince Charles backed the effort by launching a video in which he stated “we need an army of people to help” if this year’s vegetables and fruit are to be chosen.

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