Coronavirus: ‘Die-in’ outside Dominic Cummings’s house over COVID-19 response

Derrick Santistevan

Protesters staged a “die-in” outside Dominic Cummings’ house over the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Holding indications and using face masks, about 20 advocates lay on the street outside the north London home of the prime minister’s questionable advisor on Thursday night.

Among the placards check out: “Over 50,000 dead while you’re playing king of the castle.”

Protesters held up a sign stating: ‘Over 50,000 dead while you’re playing king of the castle’

Mr Cummings, and his boss Mr Johnson, have actually dealt with concerns over him taking a trip to Durham days after the lockdown was revealed to remain at a house on his moms and dads’ property after his other half showed COVID-19 signs.

He likewise drove 30 minutes to beauty area Barnard Castle, declaring he required to test his vision after being ill to examine if he might drive back to London.

Protester Sita Bilani stated she was not able to attend her auntie’s funeral service after she passed away with COVID-19 in April due to lockdown and social distancing procedures.

“It’s insulting to hear Boris Johnson say we should ‘move on’,” she stated.

“The lack of remorse, not just for Cummings’ disregard for the rules but for the thousands of preventable deaths is a disgrace.”

Mr Cummings’s neighbours participated in the demonstration

Advocates stated they all stayed 2 metres from each other throughout the 30- minute demonstration.

They stated the response from the street was “largely positive”, with about 15 neighbours joining them and one leading a chant of “Black Lives Matter”.

The protesters contacted the federal government to sack Mr Cummings and carry out a technique to deal with the pandemic based upon World Health Organisation suggestions.

And they required Public Health England release the “full findings” of its review which discovered black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people are at substantially greater danger of passing away from COVID-19

The protesters stated they plan to perform more presentations on the concern.

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In a press conference 2 weeks ago about his journey to Durham, Mr Cummings stated his London home has actually been a “target for harassment”.

He added: “I did not make my motions public at the time, since my London home was currently a target.

” I did not think I was required to make my moms and dads’ home and my sis’s home a target for harassment too.”

The Metropolitan Cops stated they went to the demonstration and distributed it after a “brief time”, without any arrests made.

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