Coronavirus: Anti-lockdown protest broken up by police in London

Derrick Santistevan

Police made a variety of arrests and provided fines as they broke up a little anti-lockdown protest in main London.

Officers were visualized distributing a group of in between 40 and 50 people near the capital’s Westminster Bridge.

Witnesses stated those present displayed banners with messages consisting of “no consent” and “we will not be tricked, tracked and trapped”.

An individual opposing UK lockdown procedures at the protest inLondon Photo: Anthony Joseph

Others referred to 5G, which conspiracy theorists have actually consistently connected to coronavirus regardless of there being no proof supporting the claims.

Anthony Joseph, who works for Sky Sports News, was amongst those who saw the protest.

“We could hear them chanting something as we approached but couldn’t really make it out,” he informed Sky News.

” There were numerous police there and they were simply speaking with them and asking to go home.

” I heard among the officers informing among them they had actually been there for an hour and required to leave.

” Among the protesters was stating something like ‘I have actually still got human rights’. There was likewise reference of 5G.”

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The Metropolitan Police stated officers had actually reacted after people had actually at first collected in breach of coronavirus guidelines in Lambeth Stroll, near Westminster Bridge.

“A number of people were arrested and fixed penalty notices were issued,” the force stated.

Police effort to distribute the event inLondon Photo: Anthony Joseph

“Officers remain in the area as they continue to work to keep the public safe.”

While a numerous presentations opposing COVID-19 constraints have actually occurred in the United States, today’s action is thought to be the first of its kind in the UK.

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