Cleric apologises once again for threatening Justice Isa

Sandra Loyd

ISLAMABAD: Agha Iftikharuddin Mirza, who is implicated of publishing a video on social media threatening Justice Qazi Faez Isa, on Wednesday sent an apology in the Supreme Court for the second time.

A show- trigger notification was released to him on July 2, 2020.

In his composed reply, Mirza stated that he is “pash-e-imam since 1991 in a mosque and imambargah at Morgah, Rawalpindi.”

He mentioned that he often talks about present affairs with his trainees after Maghrib prayers. On June 14, some remarks “slipped out of his tongue regarding the honourable judges and prestigious institution of the judiciary”, it stated, including that he regrets them.

He even approached the Supreme Court on June 26 to “surrender himself and tender his apology” however he was “not allowed to enter the court even though an entry card had been issued to him”.

The reply even stated that Mirza is a persistent heart patient as his main arteries are obstructed, The medical professionals have actually even encouraged getting an open heart surgical treatment done. Together with it, he experiences high blood pressure.

“His regular medication badly affects his mental health, resultantly sometimes making him hyper, irrational, irritating and frustrating” He assured to not “repeat any such act in future”.

The reply was sent by his legal representatives Mrs Sarkar Abbas and Syed Rafaqat Hussain Shah.

On June 30, an anti-terrorism court in Islamabad remanded Mirza into the FIA’s custody for 7 days.

Sarina Isa, the partner Justice Isa, submitted on June 24 an application for an FIR to be signed up versus a male who threatened her spouse.

She stated the male, whom she tentatively determined as Agha Iftikharuddin Mirza, threatened Justice Isa’s life. She estimated the male as stating “whoever is captured associated with embezzlement, even if he’s [Justice Qazi] Faez Isa … must be put prior to a shooting team”. He likewise called for the public hanging of “people like this” and stated the entire city ought to be contacted us to see it. “Call them to Fawara Chowk to see that such and such man is being shot,” he stated in the video.

Justice Isa ended up being the centre of a Supreme Court trial after a governmental recommendation was submitted versus him for hiding the possessions of his partner and adult children. He has actually argued that they were not his dependents and for that reason he had no need to state their possessions.

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