Cisco Webex: Real-time translation for web conferencing

Sandra Loyd

Cisco has announced that it will make the real-time translation feature available on the Webex online conferencing platform, and has significantly expanded the range of languages ​​available: including more than 100 languages, Hungarian can be found. The extended real-time translation will be available on the Webex interface as a trial version from March and will be available for order and available to everyone from May

One of the biggest challenges in global corporate operations is language barriers. Translation from English into more than 100 languages ​​allows users to participate more actively in discussions and communicate more effectively with each other.

“Experience has shown that real-time translation from English is currently primarily aimed at those with a multi-stakeholder, longer No important information is lost, no more meetings need to be organized to re-discuss tasks with colleagues who have not been able to follow the previous ones due to language barriers. This opens up a much wider range of potential employees: regardless of language, generational or geographical constraints, “said Zoltán Németh, Cisco Hungary’s Head of Collaborative Technologies.

A Metr thus, its survey of intelligent virtual assistants reveals that nearly 24 percent of those surveyed have discussions in which non-native English speakers also participate. More than half of the respondents therefore usually use the services of a third party to translate the discussions into other languages ​​(this costs an average of USD 172 per meeting). The integration of intelligent virtual assistants with translation can significantly reduce or even eliminate this cost.

In the meantime, it is becoming increasingly clear that the future of office workers is hybrid and flexible: some employees from home, while others work from the office, and at least one remote participant will join 98% of the discussions. As a result, many organizations are rethinking and redesigning their office space, and returning to the office can bring more “hotdesking,” meaning a flexible seating arrangement for employees.

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