Chris Jericho reflects on ‘linked’ career with Chris Benoit

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Expert wrestler, Chris Jericho, reflects on ‘intertwined’ career with Chris Benoit, whose life ended unfortunately, ahead of Dark Side of the Ring unique on VICE TELEVISION.

Expert wrestler, Chris Jericho, has a high job ahead of him and it’s a task outside the ring which, not in, that brings all the pressure. Jericho is the storyteller for Dark Side of the Ring a docuseries currently in its second season. Jericho has the job of informing the story of wrestling icon Chris Benoit who killed his partner and kid prior to eliminating himself in 2007.

” You can feel that [moment] when we were sort of speaking about in the show,” Jericho informed FanSided. “It’s extremely weird and still all these years later on, hard to sort of piece together precisely what decreased. That’s why I felt that it was extremely essential to be included with the show due to the fact that it provided everyone who sort of has those sensations that are extremely near to Chris and Eddie [Guerrero] a chance to sort of discuss it, and go through it and speak about it. The show was performed in properly with the best people included.”

The topic is exceptionally hard to speak about however Jericho feels fans need to talk and see about Benoit for the wrestler he was prior to the catastrophe struck. He likewise comprehends that it may be too hard for some audiences to view and prompts people to choose on their own.

“If you didn’t know Chris Benoit or maybe weren’t a fan and involved in 2007, and you’re just discovering him now, go watch his stuff,” he stated. “He definitely is one of the greatest of all time. There’s no doubt about it. It’s a lot harder for people that were involved. I mean, my career was intertwined with him in so many ways. I mean, I could pick 10 classic matches for my career that he was in with me as a partner or as an adversary. But those matches can never be really included on a retrospective DVD if there is such a thing anymore. But even for me to watch them, it’s a little weird, because I was closer than that and involved in all that, but I don’t have any issue with people wanting to watch his stuff. If you want to watch it. I mean, there’s really nothing better. One of the most intense, great psychology, so believable, pioneer, fun to watch all of those things. So I don’t think Dark Side of the Ring is going to really get people to go, ‘You know what I want you to watch Goodfellas,’ probably the opposite because you hear more about the story that happened in the last weekend of his life. I am Really absolved of it, I have my feelings and my opinions, and if you want to watch this stuff, do it. Please. If you don’t want to watch this stuff, I totally understand as well. So I see both sides of the different thoughts and processes that fans and critics might have.”

The show airs on Tuesday, March, 24 at 9 p.m. ET on VICE TV YouTube with the two-hour unique episode on Benoit, narratedJericho The series, produced by VICE Studios, will air weekly on Tuesdays at 10 ET after that.

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