CAA issues guidelines as flight operations resume

Sandra Loyd

KARACHI: The Civil Air Travel Authority (CAA) has actually enforced a restriction on VIP procedure at all the airports due to the coronavirus pandemic, it emerged on Wednesday.

Under the brand-new guidelines, just the guest( s) will be permitted to continue to the main lounge of the airport. Anybody accomodating the guest will be limited to the parking lot to ensure sufficient space is left at the main halls to observe social distancing. The CAA has actually charged airport supervisors to ensure social distancing.

“Gloves, masks and protective suits will be mandatory,” specified a standard provided by the CAA, including that airplanes will be decontaminated quickly prior to the start of the boarding procedure.

In case a traveler shows signs of coronavirus, a total medical check-up will be done at the area and the impacted guest will be instantly quarantined.

Airlines have actually been charged to ensure that the guest’s health type is appropriately filled prior to boarding. The assessment of the guests is the duty of the health ministry, the CAA stated.

The authority has actually likewise made the disinfecting of the travel luggage obligatory.

A total restriction on consuming in the aircraft has actually likewise been enforced. Travelers will be offered with a sanitiser after every 30 minutes.

The guidelines will stay in impact till Aug 31.

According to the CAA, the guidelines will likewise apply to domestic chartered flights and guests and personnel of private airplanes.

When international and domestic flight operations have actually been resumed throughout the nation,

The guidelines have actually been provided at a time.

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