“But oh Pope” .. Muhammad Ramadan responds to Amr Adeeb's criticism


It seems that the crisis of the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan with the journalist Amr Adib will not go unnoticed, in light of the skirmishes that occur between the two from time to time.

In light of the actions carried out by Ramadan and cause excitement The controversy, Adeeb comments on on his TV program, prompts Ramadan to return in order to comment on Adeeb’s hadith.

After the controversy caused by Ramadan when he appears in a video clip throwing money into the swimming pool, Adeeb came out to attack such behavior, believing that whoever gave Ramadan the money was able to extract it from him because of these matters.

Ramadan did not remain silent about these statements and criticisms made by Adeeb, but he refused to respond to the content of Adib’s hadith, and chose to make fun of the hadith using a scene from a previous series.

And Ramadan used a sentence that Adeeb mentioned in his program when he said, “Oh Muhammad, we were the ones we were thinking of. Moses came to the Pharaoh”, and Ramadan attached a sentence to it from the series “Al-Ostoura” that he presented years ago.

And in which he used to say to someone “Just oh father”, and it appeared as if Ramadan was coming His talk to Amr Adib, saying, “But oh dad,” and after that he posted the video through his official accounts on social media.

Despite the behavior, Ramadan faces a severe campaign of criticism because of his actions in the past two days through social media. When he appeared throwing dollars in the swimming pool, after he was sentenced to pay 6 million pounds for the arrested pilot.

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