Blockchain the Answer for Power Provider as China Energy Demand Soars

Tyler Hromadka

Source: Adobe/hanmaomin.

With summertime temperature levels climbing up and production increasing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, power service providers in Dongguan, a commercial city in the Chinese province of Guangdong, stated they have actually experienced a huge rise in demand– and are reacting with a blockchain-powered service.

The effort is the creation of the Guangdong branch of the state-owned power provider China Southern Power Grid And per JRJ, the energy provider has actually likewise coordinated with a regional power- associated tech company, as well as academics based in the province to produce a pilot for a clever energy usage service.

The service, reported the media outlet, uses blockchain technology to determine real-time changes in demand– permitting power service providers to ensure that they can fulfill fast- altering demand.

Demand figures feed into a blockchain network, and the celebrations mentioned that this will assist it win the trust of power regulators, service providers and end-users alike.

Last month, China Daily (via News Guangdong) reported that power usage is increasing fast in Dongguan, specifying that the city’s “highest power load was 16.93 million kilowatt-hours, up 1.8% from last year’s highest point.”

China Southern Power Grid mentioned that demand was up this year all over Guangdong province, reporting that peak power load “reached 123.81 million kilowatt-hours” on July 14, “up 1.51% over the highest load recorded last year.”

As formerly reported, China’s other state-owned power provider, the State Grid Corporation of China, has actually released its own blockchain network, with 2 provincial power business now running nodes.

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