Black father and son ‘threatened with Tasers’ by police over false stabbing suspicion

Derrick Santistevan

Police are dealing with calls to go through unconscious predisposition training after a father and son were apparently gotten by officers and threatened with Tasers after being incorrectly believed of participation in a stabbing.

Andrew Boateng and son Huugo were out biking along the River Lea in Tottenham, north London, when the event took place.

Mr Boateng informed Sky News that his 13- year-old son had actually rode a couple of metres out in front of him when a plain-clothed officer appeared out of no place and got him from his bike.

Startled and presuming he was being held up, the teen jumped in shock prior to being taken on to the ground – laying defenseless as the officer pointed a Taser at him, screaming inaudibly and threatening to release it.

Plain-clothed officers apprehended the father and son prior to other officers got here

Mr Boateng stated: “It took place sofast I screamed, ‘Stop! That’s my son, he’s just 13!’, over and over once again.

“When I saw them put handcuffs on Huugo, I couldn’t believe it.”

As Mr Boateng approached his son, another officer rapidly rounded on him and threatened him with a stun weapon.

With absolutely nothing to conceal and while opposing innocence, Mr Boateng was likewise handcuffed.

He informed Sky News: “It was very distressing. I felt helpless, me on my knees with handcuffs on, and not being able to reach out to my young son, who also had handcuffs on lying on the ground metres from me.”

The event was recorded on video by a regional professional photographer

“I was angry,” Mr Boateng stated.

” I kept duplicating: ‘That’s my son, we’re on a charity bike trip, we have not done anything.’

” I attempted to factor with the officer. We were threatened with Tasers despite the fact that we weren’t withstanding.

“The officers came at us with high-octane aggression. It was extremely unnecessary.”

The event took place simply after 6pm on Thursday 4 June.

Mr Boateng, who operates at City University and as a football coach, keeps in mind a handful of officers existing, including that the location was busy with joggers and passers-by – making the turmoil even more embarrassing.

The officers stated they were reacting to a stabbing in a close-by park, and that the father and son matched the description of the suspects.

The event was shot by an observer after they overheard the pleas from Mr Boateng for somebody to start tape-recording what was occurring.

Huugo was left shaken by the event

Mr Boateng explains hearing his son reading his rights, and shaking his head in shock.

His family have actually never ever remained in difficulty with the police, and he volunteers with a variety of neighborhood organisations whose sole function is to fix and restore trust with the police.

The impact on his son is his main issue, he states, with Huugo suffering scars on his face and contusions on his legs as he attempted to leave the officer who ultimately handcuffed him.

He invested the following 2 nights sleeping on his moms and dads’ bed room flooring, not wishing to be alone.

Mr Boateng stated: “He discovered it actually hard to sleep and now he’s coping a bit much better. I am fretted about the long-lasting results on his health. What took place was a traumatic experience.

” My young child has actually been feeling distressed too merely by hearing about it.”

On the night of the event, 2 neighborhood officers concerned see the family, when a quick discussion was had on the doorstep as Huugo wasn’t comfy facing what had actually taken place simply a couple of hours earlier.

The officers were stated to have actually been regretful, and made a dedication to check out it even more.

Huugo and his father routinely participate in charity bike trips

Mr Boateng has actually likewise submitted a problem versus the “aggressive and unnecessary” actions of the officers that night, wishing to have the event “officially documented”.

Days later on, he got a see from a superintendent, who apologised and likewise listened to Mr Boateng’s suggestions for modification.

A few of his ideas consist of unconscious predisposition training and additional education for officers on enhancing race- relations, and he was informed actions would be taken.

The Metropolitan Police informed Sky News: “The Met has received a complaint from a member of the public in relation to this incident. The Met takes all complaints seriously and this will be thoroughly investigated.”

District Leader Treena Fleming stated: “In the hours following the incident, one of my senior leadership team spoke with the parties involved to offer a personal explanation about the situation and to listen to and understand their concerns. We are keen to maximise any learning that comes from this.”

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