Billie Eilish: Judge extends restraining order against man who repeatedly visited pop star’s home

Adrian Ovalle

A judge has actually extended a restraining order secured by Billie Eilish against a man who repeatedly visited her home in Los Angeles.

On among the celebrations, Prenell Rousseau rested on the deck and check out a book.

Back in May, the 24- year-old from New york city was prohibited from trying to get in touch with or coming within 100 yards (91 m) of the 18- year-old pop star or her moms and dads.

Superior Court Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman, being in Los Angeles on Thursday, has actually now consented to extend this for another 3 years.

Rousseau appeared at the home Eilish show her moms and dads 7 times on 4 and 5 May prior to being detained for trespassing.

On the first celebration, he asked and sounded the doorbell Eilish’s daddy by means of a monitoring cam if she lived there.

He was informed he had the incorrect house however he returned later on the exact same night, triggering the family to call their private security service.

In court files, Eilish stated: “While we waited on security, Mr Rousseau stayed on our deck, took a seat and started to check out a book, while likewise continuing to participate in a regular monologue.

” My daddy repeatedly asked him to leave, however he declined.”

The family was terrified of Rousseau, partially since he did not use a face mask or gloves while repeatedly touching the doorbell and doorknob.

Eilish was not at the court hearing face to face, however her attorney had actually requested for a five-year restraining order.

The judge went with 3 years on hearing that Rousseau had actually not tried to check out Eilish considering that those 2 days in May.

The order, which likewise restricts Rousseau from bothering Eilish’s family or coming near her work environments, might still be extended at a later date if needed, the judge added.

Rousseau was not at the hearing and he was not represented by a legal representative.

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