Biden to Al Arabiya regarding sanctions on Russia: They will come


In light of the bickering and war of words between US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, Biden responded today, Friday, to Al Arabiya’s question about possible sanctions against Russia, saying, “They will come.”

(The US President also responded to Putin’s call for a hypothetical dialogue, stressing, “We will meet at some point.”

Putin’s offer is still standing

And earlier today, the Kremlin said, that Putin’s offer to hold direct talks on the Internet with the president The American is still standing.

He indicated that it could be done on Monday or at any other time convenient for Biden, pointing out that Russia is using diplomatic channels to provide options for holding an event for Putin and Biden.

A new cold war!

In response to a question about whether a new cold war has begun with the United States: The Kremlin made it clear, “We always aspire for the best, but we prepare For the worse. ”

The intensity of the bickering between Moscow and Washington has increased over the past two days after Biden described Putin as a murderer. The Russian President responded to Biden on Thursday, stressing that people usually see others as They see themselves.

In response to describing him as a murderer

And Putin said, “I remember my childhood days when we used to repeat: He who has a flaw sees him In others. This is not out of thin air, it is not just a saying or children’s fun. ”He continued,“ We ​​always see our qualities in others and think that they are really like us, and that is why we evaluate their actions and make judgments. ”

To that, he said:“ We will continue. Working with the United States, but in a way that benefits us. ”He added,“ I am ready for visible and frank discussions with Biden on Friday or Monday to discuss bilateral relations and the file of regional conflicts. ”

He stressed that the United States and Russia must preserve their relationship, He continued: “Regarding the statements of my American colleague, what should I respond to? I will tell him: Be well! I wish him health, “stressing that he meant that, and not saying it out of mockery or joking.

The Russian President also indicated that” there are many honorable and respectable people in the American administration, and Russia will depend on them. ”

It is reported that the exchange of hard-line statements and accusations between the two parties came in the wake of a declassified report from the office of the US Director of National Intelligence, which found that Putin authorized influence operations to assist Trump in the presidential elections last November.

While Biden said in an interview broadcast by ABC News on Wednesday in response to a question about the aforementioned report, “Putin will pay the price.”

He also responded when asked if he believed that the Russian president He fought, saying, “I think so.”

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