Biden at the Pfizer Factory: Vaccines are safe and sound


US President Joe Biden confirmed, Thursday evening, during a visit to one of the Pfizer’s factories for manufacturing Corona vaccines in Michigan, that vaccines are safe and sound, calling on everyone to apply for them.

To that, Biden added, ” We are working to vaccinate all Americans by July, “accusing the Trump administration of having failed to devise a plan to vaccinate Americans.

A week ago, Biden announced that his administration had entered into contracts to purchase 200 million additional doses of the Pfizer and Modena vaccines against Covid. 19 -19 to reinforce the widespread vaccination campaign that it launched.

While visiting the National Institutes of Health near Washington, Biden said, “We signed final contracts to purchase 100 million doses of Moderna and 100 million doses of Pfizer.”

Vaccinating all Americans

The US President added: “We will not solve all matters for a while, but we will solve them in the end.”

Biden said: “We have now bought enough vaccine to vaccinate all Americans.” He said that the United States, with a population of about 330 million, is on track to get 300 million doses by the end of July.

His predecessor accused Trump of not asking for enough vaccine and not doing enough to get people to line up to get The vaccine.

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