Barbs fly as Senate meets to discuss Covid-19 situation

Sandra Loyd

ISLAMABAD: A day after the National Assembly saw a heated argument in between the Centre and the Sindh federal government on the Covid-19 situation in the nation, the opposition in the Senate on Tuesday advised the federal government to create a “unified policy” to combat the pandemic which has actually up until now impacted over 30,000 people in the nation.

Resolving your home, which met after a space of nearly 2 months, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Sherry Rehman blasted the federal government for its handling of the epidemic, stating that Prime Minister Imran Khan has actually been providing “confusing messages”.

The prime minister, who did not go to the National Assembly session either, avoided the Senate session as well. Noting this, Sherry stated: “The missing person is the prime minister. He is missing, his policy is missing, his words of unity are missing.”

“Who is running the country?” she questioned.

Without mincing any words, the senator called out the federal government for “creating distractions” and stated that while the 18 th Change had actually provided provinces autonomy, it does not indicate they are on their own.

“Provinces are not on their own. The provinces are self-sufficient but they are not the state,” she stated, observing that there was a sensation of desertion in provinces as all federal governments were embracing different methods.

The senator observed that the crisis as a “situation worse than war”, stating the federal government is not all set to sit [with the opposition] and create a [unified] policy to handle the illness.

She even more observed that Pakistan can not pay for to be Italy southern Asian area. “Why are you telling us what happened in Italy? They made mistakes. We cannot make mistakes, we can learn,” she added.

Sherry declared that the federal government has actually developed confusion by pitting“lives versus livelihood” “Lives always come first!” she stated.

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