[Article] Unboxing Pokémon TCG Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box

Adrian Ovalle

Unboxing Pokémon TCG Shining Destinations Elite Trainer Box

Shining Destinations “, the latest expansion for the Pokémon card game, has arrived. With more than 190 new cards , 120 of these correspond to Pokémon in its attractive shiny form, 30 V and Vmax cards; A real opportunity to color your decks!

Taking advantage of its release on the market, we bring you a resplendent unboxing of the Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box . In which we will talk about its content and we will open envelopes. It’s time for “ shiny hunting ”!

What includes

  • 10
  • 1 holographic Eevee VMAX promo card that could be framing how beautiful it is.
  • 65 covers with the translucent front and a matte back inspired by Eevee Gigamax with which to give a personalized look of the box to our deck.
  • . 45 Pokémon TCG Energy cards to build decks without having to worry about basic energies.

  • 1 Expansion Player Guide Shining Destinations with information and the miniature of all the new cards.
  • 1 book of re Pokémon TCG glas similar to the one found in the starter decks.
  • 6 candy colored damage counter dice. 1 dark transparent coin toss die valid for competitions. 2 acrylic condition markers to be able to throw the cardboard ones into the blue container. 1 collector’s box to keep everything with 4 dividers to keep everything organized And of course, a code for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.

New combos with the expansion

«Up and Up !: The Forest Walk Skills by Celebi , and Manaphy’s Ocean Search, will allow you to rummage through your deck and find the cards you need, but they must be in the Active Position in order to use those abilities. With the Helium Balloon card, they can fly off to the Bench without having to pay the Retreat Cost. If you don’t have any balloons, both Red Levante and Cambio will also serve your purposes! ”

«A Booster ignites a searing power: Incredible Pokémon are super strong, but they can be difficult to recharge. Indeedee offers you a Booster that allows you to look through your deck for any Basic Energy and attach it to one of your Benched Pokémon. You’re just a few turns away from lighting your way to victory with Reshiram’s powerful Incredible Blaze attack, which requires multiple types of Energy, but can deal a massive 270 points of damage! ”

«Transforming and evolving, everything is beginning: Surprise your rivals by “transforming” your Ditto V into a different Pokémon V using the Metamorphosis V ability. And if Ditto V has been in play for more than one turn, you can immediately evolve that new Pokémon … Maybe you might be interested in making it evolve into an amazing Shiny Centiskorch VMAX? ”

Chain of Pain: Turning Energy into a winning attack is always a good combination. Rillaboom’s Voltage Rhythm ability will supply Energy to Dhelmise VMAX, bringing his Oscillating Chain attack to a maximum damage level of Dyna! ”

«Rotom loves accessories: When Rotom is around, there is an artifact ready for every situation! Whether it’s the Rotom Bike, the SmartRotom or the Rotom Drone, the new Rotom Choice skill will help you find the Rotom Item you need to prepare for combat!

. Some of the letters

From a lifetime, opening envelopes has something that hooks, and I’m not talking about the smell of cardboard, that too, but about seeing how lucky you are at that moment. Therefore, we show you the loot obtained today. For starters, an overview of some of the common and rare ones:

And finally, a look at the reverse holo, rare holo and the top 3 of the entire opening:

Top favorite illustrations from the openings: Eevee by So-Taro, Snom by Tika Matsuno and Ornithologist by Hideki Ishikawa.

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