Around wants to be different from Zoom and relies on AI and advantageous filters

Adrian Ovalle
Around goes mainly in the user interface and the design a different way than the usual video conferencing tools. (Screenshot: Around / t3n)

Around is video conferencing software that, in addition to collaboration, focuses primarily on AI. Last but not least, this should be reflected in advantageous filters and good audio quality.

Whether Zoom, Jitsi, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet – basically video conferences always look the same. It may be possible to set whether the user prefers the gallery view or only wants to see the person who is speaking, otherwise the angular windows offer rather poorly than well-lit glimpses into the private rooms of colleagues – except for the one, who has changed the background and is now working from the Death Star.

Around wants to make video conferences more pleasant and collaborative

The video conference software Around shows that there is another way. Here no large window takes up the entire screen; instead, the focus is on collaboration and multitasking. Accordingly, all participants in the conversation are practically placed over the screen in individual “bubbles” – all participants can see each other while they are working together on a Google Doc, for example.

Working together on a document and still being able to see each other – Around makes it possible. (Screenshot: Around / t3n)

The artificial intelligence that, according to the Startup is deeply integrated into the software behind Around, should automatically recognize faces in motion and center them in the bubbles. Never again see the sales colleague’s unmade bed in the background – that’s a perspective! In addition, the integrated filters from Around can also bathe your face in advantageous light. Last but not least, this should improve the entire meeting atmosphere and have a positive effect on productivity and cooperation.

Also something When it comes to the sound, Around promises a lot: Disturbing background noises from the child to the washing machine or the sirloin in front of the house to the dog should be automatically filtered out. And also for the time after Corona, when we are all sitting in open-plan offices again, Around gives hope: Up to 15 participants should sit in the same room, have their laptop microphones switched on and take part in the conference without echoes or feedback or other audio failures.

And for the point at which everyone really can’t stand any more video calls , Around offers designated audio-only rooms. After all, you want to pick your nose or get your nails done in a meeting without being disturbed. The home office must have some advantage …

Around convinces with simple setup and free beta

Around is currently in a beta phase, during which it can be used free of charge. It should stay that way for individuals; a cost plan for companies or teams is to be rolled out later in the year. A mobile version should also come soon.

Meeting rooms in Around can be easily created and shared via a link. Invitees do not have to register or log in, but can participate directly.

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