Apple WWDC: iPhones chases Google Android features with new iOS updates

Adrian Ovalle

Apple came out chasing Google in an event on Monday which revealed lots of new features for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac lines.

With participants required to tune in from another location for its yearly around the world designers conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the business worried its items’ personal privacy features and efficiency.

The business’s president Tim Cook opened WWDC with a keynote address devoted to those marketing in the United States versus bigotry in all levels of society, revealing his business’s business efforts to attend to systemic issues specifically dealing with African Americans.

“Our mission has always been to make the world a better place,” he stated. “And we’re committed to being a force for change.”

Tim Cook attends to the problem of bigotry

Amongst the crucial claims which the business made on Monday was that its Safari web browser was now 50% faster than Google Chrome, along with much more personal privacy mindful.

Safari will likewise include an in-browser translate function, comparable to Chrome, and a series of steps to take on web-tracking cookies – which Google is understood to utilize to profile web-users for marketing functions.

Apple’s mobile operating system iOS had actually dragged Google’s Android with a variety of features, however this year’s WWDC intended to attend to the majority of them with iOS 14.

Widgets are another Android function pertaining to iOS

Widgets, a staple of the Android home screen, and calls as drifting alerts rather of occasions which pirate the full screen of the gadget have actually been offered on Android gadgets for many years – however will be offered on iPhones too from this fall.

Another new function, App Clips, was declared for iOS 14 as little apps which do not need to be downloaded however can allow people to – for example – spend for a coffee or parking without downloading the supplier’s full app, something which was currently offered on Android phones with Immediate Apps.

New app tracking controls will be presented to the App Store too, comparable to the nutrition labels on food, providing a comprehensive view of what information each app utilizes to track users.

This is one location in which Apple sticks out from Google rather certainly as marketing based upon user profiles isn’t a crucial part of the business’s profits streams.

App Clips will permit people to utilize an app without downloading it

Apps which utilize the microphone and electronic camera will likewise need to offer a lot more approval about doing so, and iPhones will illuminate to show when these hardware features remain in usage.

A redesign of the iPhone home screen will likewise make a new function called the “App Library” immediately arrange numerous apps into groups, from social media apps through to streaming ones.

The picture-in-picture function will likewise possibly permit iPhone users viewing YouTube videos to continue to listen to them without keeping that app open on the screen, a function which Google has actually scheduled for users to subscribe to YouTube Premium.

The business likewise verified that it was moving far from utilizing Intel processors on its Mac computer systems and would start to deliver Macs utilizing Apple silicon prior to completion of the year.

The business’s shares were trading up 2.4% following the discussion.

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