Antenna Hungária has started DDoS

Sandra Loyd

In response to the challenges of increasing cyber-attack activity, Antenna Hungária Zrt. Raised its DDoS protection service to a higher level. , providing effective protection against one of today’s most common IT security threats

Accelerated digitalisation due to the coronavirus epidemic has made companies increasingly vulnerable to online space, which cybercriminals seek to exploit by stepping up attacks on IT systems . The number and intensity of various types of cyber attacks has risen to unprecedented levels, with more and more companies in more and more sectors falling victim to attempts by criminals. This is what the SecWorld conference, organized by Computerworld, is about, which can be followed live on Facebook on April 14, 2021 from 9 p.m.

One of the most common forms of attack is a so-called DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, which involves an overload or a denial of service, aimed at completely or partially disabling an IT service. This type of attack takes advantage of the fact that IT systems are designed and scaled according to the expected load, and developers use this to select hardware and software components that can meet their needs. If the load on the system exceeds the planned maximum traffic, it will slow down and its response time will exceed what is expected. An attack fueled by a variety of motivations can even render the system inoperable, leading to a complete outage of services, which can cause significant material and reputational damage to the organization.

Most companies are unprepared for evolving technology. tools and knowledge to prevent increasingly targeted and effective attacks, while also being challenged by compliance with GDPR requirements. Therefore, it is worthwhile for organizations to use service providers with the necessary professional background to solve tasks that exceed the capacity of their own IT department.

Antenna Hungária’s self-operated, renewed DDoS protection service provides an effective solution to the increasingly threatening IT systems. to prevent attacks. The company put the service on a new footing in 2021, thus enabling more modern and flexible customer service than before

The service is capable of continuous traffic monitoring, package analysis or even ad hoc protection according to the subscriber’s needs. to assure. The protection can be activated automatically in seconds, so the subscriber detects almost no network congestion at all, and his Internet bandwidth is not reduced. Antenna Hungária’s specialists can further increase the efficiency of the security service by profiling the traffic, but the subscriber has, among other things, regular technical consultation, reporting and online access to the customer portal, so you can monitor the statistical data of your network traffic.

Nowadays, the service provider has become an outstanding player in the Hungarian market of services requiring a high level of availability, equipped with a significant portfolio of assets and experience. The company has been working on IT security since the 2017 World Water Championships, including in the area of ​​denial-of-service attacks from outside the service provider network. In 2018, it developed an IT security portfolio, one of the first elements of which, in addition to a managed firewall and SOC (Cyber ​​Security Operations Center) service, is the provision of DDoS protection.

On current trends in and prevention of cyber attacks Antenna Hungária will hold a free webinar on the possibilities of establishing effective protection on May 6, 2021, for which all interested parties are welcome. 0-kibertamadas

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