Ant Group Explains What its 100 m per Day ‘Digital Assets’ Uploads Are

Tyler Hromadka

Source: AntGroup

Alibaba affiliate Ant Group has actually exposed information about the nature of the 100 million+ “digital assets” it stated are published onto its AntChain blockchain network “every day.”

As reported, the Ant Group previously today revealed that it has actually introduced AntChain, calling it a “new technology brand for the Ant Group’s blockchain-based solutions.”

The business declared that it “now has the largest productivity blockchain platform in China, with the ability to process and support one billion user accounts and one billion transactions every day.” asked the Ant Group to clarify what these digital possessions were, and the Chinese business reacted, discussing by means of e-mail,

“Digital assets are things like transaction records, shipping information, invoices, copyright certificates and so on. They are typically uploaded by companies using AntChain.”

The business added that when it comes to shipping-related companies utilizing the platform, several “digital assets” can be published to utilize the platform to allow them to perform faster and more efficient deals.

The company specified that shipping business, logistic sub-contractors in addition to last-mile shipment suppliers can all submit their records onto the AntChain network, so that each individual can understand the status of shipping project without needing to confirm through conventional ways, such as making a telephone call or sending out a fax.

The business likewise discussed that its service is discovering a home worldwide of trade and supply chain funding.

When it comes to a provider who “receives a receipt after sending a batch of components to a client factory,” the business kept in mind that “usually the factory won’t pay immediately but will pay in a few months’ time.”

Rather, the business specified,

“The supplier can then take the receipt to a bank and ask for a loan. However, traditionally it’s very complicated and costly for the bank to verify if the receipt is real or not, but if the supplier, factory and the bank all use AntChain then the moment the factory issues the receipt (which represents a certain amount of account receivable), the bank will know instantaneously that it’s real and can then automatically assign a credit line based on the receipt for the supplier.”

The procedure of developing digital possessions is finished, stated Ant Group, when “the supplier can then use the credit line to purchase additional raw materials if another factory places a new order. In this case, every time the upload of a receipt happens, it is considered a digital asset.”

The Ant Group has actually made no secret of its fast- growing blockchain strategies. Previously this month, media outlets in China reported that its Ant Blockchain subsidiary was preparing to develop a skill swimming pool of blockchain experts from a few of the top tech universities worldwide to last it “the next 20 years.”

The business is notoriously the operator of the Alipay e-pay service, which together with Tencent-run WeChat Pay, has actually cornered around 15% of the Chinese payments market.
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