An unexpected apEX decision pays the Vitality team not to enter the final tournament

Derrick Santistevan
Complexity logo photo: “The SportsRush”

The second day of Group B games of the “BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2021” tournament of “CS: GO” took place yesterday. In the middle of the day, Dan “apEX” Madeskler, Vitality’s IGL player, announced a break from professional sports, which meant that the French had to play the whole game with their sixth player – Nabil “Nivera” in the Benrliton starting lineup. The changes did not benefit the team and the tournament was closed without entering the final tournament. Meanwhile, in the second match, Complexity secured a place in the final stage by joining BIG and Ninjas In Pajamas, and playing with a 2-0 win over G2.

The first round winning teams met in the opening game of the day. The Complexity had surpassed the Vitality, while the G2 overcame the Evil Geniuses’ resistance. The game was expected with the interest of whether “Complexity” will continue the day before. Mirage’s two teams performed very similarly, but the G2 was slightly better, ahead 9: 6. In the second half, they failed to keep their lead, playing a great game for Complexity, who won the second half 10: 5 and closed the card at 16:14 in their favor.

Also in the map “Dust2”, G2 players gave a better start, being in the lead 5: 0, but going to the halftime break, the score was minimal 8: 7. Once again a great second half was achieved by Complexity, who celebrated their success on the map at 16:12 and in the match 2-0.

Before the “losing branch” “It was announced during the match that for personal reasons a break in his career had been taken by” Vitality “” IGL “player” apEX “, which could not not affect the game shown by the team. This was noticeable on the first map, when “Evil Geniuses” played the French without much problems, winning 16: 9. However, in the second card, Vitality managed to recover, responding with a quick success of 16: 8. The best player in the world showed Matthew “ZywOo” Herbot, killing 26 players and dying 11 times.

The third card caused a panvose. supporters of both teams. The US team took the lead with 5: 0, but everything changed and the French won six unanswered rounds. Halftime was 8: 7 in favor of Vitality. In the second half, Evil Geniuses was close to victory, leading at 15:12, but three consecutive rounds allowed the French team extra time. However, the US players played it safe, being better at 19:16 and excluding Vitality from the tournament.

Today we play between G2 ”And“ Evil Geniuses ”it is determined which unit will join the“ Complexity ”and from Group B will reach the final stage of the tournament.

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