Amr Adeeb to Muhammad Ramadan: “If you can't help you, I will run you.”


In a new episode of the series The Brawl between Amr Adib and the Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan, the Egyptian journalist announced Ramadan’s prosecution, after he indirectly mocked the latter by publishing the video “But oh Baba.”

Adeeb said during his program “Al-Hekaya”, broadcast on MBC Egypt on Sunday evening, directing his speech to Ramadan, “If you don’t have trouble, I will run you … this country has a law that applies to everyone.”

“A person who is exalted is a blessing”

He continued, “The person who is educated is a blessing, and if you are not educated in him, he will raise you, and there are people whose fortune is a monster and that they are accustomed to taking life with its will, and they feel that they are supported.”

He also added that he will donate the full amount of compensation that he will receive after the prosecution of Ramadan in favor of Abu Al-Rish Children’s Hospital. Social communication, and by a number of artists, due to several files, starting with the decision to participate in the King Ahmose movie, through the issue of “The Pilot”, which sparked widespread controversy in Previously, Egypt, especially after the last ruling in it and the manner of Ramadan’s behavior towards him, up to the other comments and positions of the Egyptian actor.

Adeeb also launched a violent attack on Ramadan during the past days after his reaction to a ruling issued against him and passed away. By paying 6 million pounds in compensation to the pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yasser, when he appeared while he was throwing money in the swimming pool. , In reference to the name of the new Ramadan series. Let Ramadan respond with the famous video “But oh Baba!”

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