Amid the tension with Washington, China and Iran sign a “strategic agreement.”


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said today, Saturday, that relations with China “are considered strategic for Iran,” and called for the speedy implementation of the agreements signed between the two countries.

On the occasion of the two countries signing a cooperation agreement, Rouhani said. A commercial and strategic period of 25 years: “Cooperation between Iran and China in the nuclear deal and the fight against terrorism and extremism must continue.”

The Iranian President also saw that “America’s military presence in West Asia and its interference in the affairs of the region is the main factor destabilizing the region’s security.”

Final details of the agreement

Today, Saturday, Iran and China signed a 25-year trade and strategic cooperation agreement, which has been under discussion for years.

And he signed a “25-year strategic cooperation agreement.” The details of the agreement have not been released yet, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, who is visiting Tehran.

According to the official IRNA agency, the final details of the agreement were completed in the morning during a meeting between ” Wang and Ali Larijani, advisor to the guide (Iranian Ali Khamenei) actor, etc. S to Iran for “strategic relations” with China.

China: Our relations with Iran are permanent.

Iranian news agencies quoted the Chinese foreign minister as saying. Wang Yi said: “Our relations with Iran will not be affected by the status quo, but will be permanent and strategic.”

And Wang Yi, who met with Rouhani before signing the agreement, added: “Iran independently determines its relations with other countries, not like some countries. Whose position changed with a phone call. ”

In the same context, Iranian media quoted Hosam Eddin Ashna, Rouhani’s advisor, as saying that the agreement is a model of” successful diplomacy. ” He continued, “The strength of any country lies in its ability to join alliances and not remain in isolation.”

“Relations with the East”

The signing of this agreement shows the priority given to relations with “the East” (that is, with regard to Iran with countries such as China, the two Koreas, India, Japan and Russia) in line with the transformation expressed by Khamenei in 2018.

China is the largest partner. Trade to Iran, and it was a major importer of Iranian crude before the re-imposition of US sanctions on the Iranian energy sector in 2018, which led to a decline in oil exports from Tehran.

The Chinese Ministry of Trade said yesterday, Thursday, that Beijing will try to protect the nuclear deal Concluded between Iran and world powers in 2015 and defending the legitimate interests of Sino-Iranian relations.

The “New Silk Road”

According to the Foreign Ministry Iran, the agreement signed on Saturday is an “integrated road map” that includes various areas, including “political, strategic and economic for 25 years of cooperation between Iran and China.”

As for Beijing, it is part of the “New Silk Roads” project “The huge infrastructure It was launched in cooperation with more than 130 countries.

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Saeed Khatibzadeh, said in a statement to state television that the agreement includes “an integrated road map with economic and political dimensions.”

Khatibzadeh explained that the agreement focuses on “the economic dimensions that are the main axis for it and Iran’s participation in the Belt and Road project,” the huge Chinese plan to establish infrastructure projects to enhance Beijing’s trade relations with Asia, Europe and Africa.

The date of the start of the negotiation

He indicated that the draft agreement dates back to the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Tehran in January 2016, where he met with the Leader Ali Khamenei.

The two countries pledged at that time, in a joint statement, to “conduct negotiations to find an expanded cooperation agreement for a period of 25 years” providing for “mutual cooperation and investments in various fields, especially transport, ports, energy, industry and services.”

) Khamenei said at the time that “Iran, the government and the people, is striving, as it has always done, to expand its relations with independent and trusted countries such as China,” considering that the Chinese-Iranian project is “absolutely correct and wise.” E “Comprehensive strategic partnership.”

“Nothing is secret”

Tehran’s rapprochement with Beijing comes in an atmosphere of mistrust The increase in Tehran towards the West and during a period witnessing tensions between Washington on the one hand and Tehran and Beijing on the other hand. Imposing it that year, the Iranian authorities convinced the West that the West was not a “trustworthy” partner, as Khamenei put it.

In July 2020, a controversy arose on Iranian social media after statements by former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad To denounce the ongoing negotiations to “conclude a new agreement with a foreign country for a period of 25 years” without the knowledge of the people, he said.

After that, Zarif declared in a speech to the deputies amid booing shouts that “nothing is secret” in Ongoing negotiations with Beijing regarding the agreement, stressing that the nation will be informed “upon reaching an agreement.”

Trade Partnership between China and Iran

In an article published by “IRNA”, the Iranian ambassador to China, Muhammad Kushawarz, mentioned Zadeh pointed out that Beijing is Iran’s “first trade partner for more than 10 years.”

But he pointed out that “the imposition of severe sanctions” from Washington and “restrictions related to the Corona virus have greatly reduced trade between the two countries.”

“Ilna” agency quoted the head of the Chinese-Iranian Chamber of Commerce in Tehran, Majid Reza Hariri, as saying that the volume of trade between Beijing and Tehran decreased to “16 billion dollars” in 2020 compared to 51.8 Billion “in the year 2014.

Wang’s visit to Iran comes days after he received his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in China, and against the backdrop of tensions between Moscow, Beijing and Tehran on the one hand, and the United States on the other hand, which continued after Joe Biden’s arrival. To the White House last January.

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