Alicia Keys marks Juneteenth by dropping emotional ballad Perfect Way to Die

Derrick Santistevan

Alicia Keys has actually resolved the continuous Black Lives Matter demonstrations in her brand-new single Perfect Way to Die.

The track, launched on Friday, which is likewise Juneteenth – when the Emancipation Pronouncement read to Texan servants on 19 June 1865 after the South lost the U.S. Civil War – features the star releasing her sensations about cops cruelty.

“I have felt called by music like I have never felt before,” Keys composed in an Instagram post in which she debuted thesong “I have been following its lead. It has led me to the song A Perfect Way to Die. The song title is so powerful and heartbreaking because WE are heartbroken by so many who have died unjustly.”

The emotional song is composed from the viewpoint of a mom who has actually lost her child to cops violence, and comes weeks after the death of African-American male George Floyd, which triggered demonstrations versus cops cruelty around the globe.

“Of course, there is NO perfect way to die,” the 39- year-old continued. “That phrase doesn’t even make sense. Just like it doesn’t make sense that there are so many innocent lives that should not have been taken from us due to the destructive culture of police violence.”

Following the release, the vocalist will take on versus John Legend as part of Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s newest Verzus fight. To see, tune in on Legend and Keys’s Instagram pages at 5pm ET.

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