Alexis Skyy Leaves Little To The Imagination While Dancing With Her Baby Girl At Club Quarantine

Tyler Hromadka

Alexis Skyy is attempting to maximize this time she invests at home with her baby girl nowadays. She shared a video in which she’s dancing with her baby girl into her arms, and people hopped in the remarks area with all types of observations.

Alexis is using a white tank top, which leaves little to the imagination, and people stated that she might have used a bra considering that she selected to post the video.

This is not the first time when Alexis gets slammed for her clothing on social media, and it will certainly not be the last one either.

Check out the clip.

Somebody stated: ‘Her child needs rest, not a damn club’ and another hater said ‘She could have worn something else, it wasn’ t required to show her titties like that.’

One fan pertained to Alexis’ defense and posted this: ‘She can’ t even have a good time with her kid. They state she’s never with the kid, then put down her parenting abilities, now she’s incorrect for having an excellent time while she’s not working & & taking pleasure in some time w Lay lay.’

Alexis has been publishing here child a lot recently on social media, specifically considering that haters informed her that she must concentrate on her more and drop the racy videos.

Somebody stated: ‘My mama told me if I ain’ t have absolutely nothing great to state do not say anything.’

Another fan posted this: ‘Omg she twisted the phone to herself like “your time is up ma”‘

Another commenter stated: ‘Wayment she knew exactly what she was doing, Lay smart and you weren’ t providing her sufficient video camera duration sheesh.’

About ten days earlier, it’s been exposed that Alexis Skyy has as a couple of things to leave her chest now that the entire nation is encouraged to stay inside your home. She’s speaking about the series LHHATL and Karlie Redd’s ex-fiance.

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