AJK suspends lockdown exemptions as cases surge

Sandra Loyd

As coronavirus cases continue to increase on Sunday, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider suspended all lockdown exemptions given earlier and stated that the brand-new policy would stay in impact for the next 2 weeks.

According to a notice provided on Sunday, the AJK PM took the decision in the wake of an “escalating spread of coronavirus in the region and dangerous levels of increase in the number of patients”.

According to the brand-new policy which ended up being reliable right away midnight, buy fundamental requirements and medical stores were to stay open at pre-programmed times.

The AJK premier likewise interested individuals to work together, stating the regulations were simply safety and preventive steps required to secure everybody from the pandemic. Transportation was to stay suspended as well and nobody need to get out of their home needlessly, he added.

“The current situation does not warrant that people go out for Eidul Fitr shopping. Celebrate Eid simply,” Haider worried.

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