AJ Agazarm challenges Gordon Ryan to wrestling match ‘accept it or die a coward’

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AJ Agazarm (image by Amy Kaplan/FanSided)

AJ Agazarm challenges Gordon Ryan to a wrestling match, putting $10,000 on the line and states “accept it or die a coward.”

AJ Agazarm spent the better part of the weekend competing at Fight 2 Win Pro in Dallas, TX and then promptly called out a new opponent. Agazarm completed (and lost via decision) the main event match with Osvaldo Moizinho but when he had his chance at the mic afterward he called out one of the biggest names in competitive jiu-jitsu right now — Gordon Ryan.

“There’s a certain guy that’s been running his rat mouth,” Agazarm said after his match. “Saying he can hang with me in a wrestling match. I have no problem slapping him around, putting him in his place so where you at Gordon?”

“Where you at, Gordon?

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He then doubled down on that callout by publishing a video of himself with $10,000 money offering it to Ryan to contend in a wrestling match.

“Here you go, $10,000,” he states in the video. “I’m gonna put this $10,000 up for a wrestling match. Accept it, or die a coward.”

It does not appear as though Ryan is game for the obstacle.

“I will never ever compete against you,” Ryan composed in a comment on Instagram. “You don’t deserve to share the same state with me nevermind competitive mat.”

Both Agazarm and Ryan are extremely embellished grapplers with Agazarm likewise contending in expert Mixed Martial Arts. Ryan has actually voiced his desire to shift into Mixed Martial Arts however has actually not yet signed with a promo or contended in the cage.

Late in 2015 Ryan revealed he ‘d be retiring from competitive Jiu-Jitsu, a move many individuals didn’t think. Simply today his coach, Tom DeBlass revealed he ‘d signed with ONE Championship to resume his own Mixed Martial Arts profession.

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