Airbus team returns to France with voice, data recorders

Sandra Loyd

KARACHI: The team of Airbus professionals examining the Pakistan International Airline Companies (PIA) airplane crash left for France on Monday by means of an unique flight.

The 11- member foreign team, which had actually landed in Karachi on Tuesday to provide assistance in the continuous probe, took with them the flight data recorder, cockpit voice recorder and samples from the wreckage of the crashed jet.

They likewise examined the airplane’s engines, landing equipment, wings and flight control system avionics in addition to your homes ruined in the crash.

At the airport, they examined friction marks on the runway triggered by the stomach landing, examined CCTV video of the landing and surveyed the runway and apron from various angles from the control tower and technique tower.

The team had likewise looked for the total record of the crashed airplane from the national flag-carrier to identify how numerous times the Airbus A-320 had actually landed in a year, what problems were dealt with, how numerous cycles did the engine total throughout the flight in 2015, how numerous times did the airplane go through the check procedure, how numerous times the landing equipment was serviced, which engineers operated in the main technical services of the airplane and what parts and resources were utilized to repair the technical concerns.

Another team of professionals in France will examine the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder. The work is anticipated to start from June 2, at an air travel lab in Le Bourget, France.

The decoding of the data recorder will make it possible for the private investigators to hear the discussion in between the captain and the first officer throughout the flight in addition to their interaction with the air traffic controllers.

After the black box is deciphered, they will be able to identify as to how the 2 captains utilized the airplane’s equipment from liftoff till the crash and examine how well the cockpit team adhered to Airbus’ concurred treatments for operating the airplane.

The professionals will likewise utilize the photos they took of the crash website and marks on the runway utilizing high-resolution and drone video cameras as they examine the crash.

A team of PIA’s Airplane Mishap and Examination Board’s (AAIB) apparently likewise accompanied the professionals back to France.

On Sunday, heavy equipment reached the crash website to get rid of an engine and wing still buried under debris. The wing was drawn out and carried to the airport.

Nevertheless, the engine will be drawn out and carried under the guidance of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) building and construction professionals on Monday.

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