A new invention converts body temperature into electrical current

Sandra Loyd

Engineers at the University of Colorado Boulder have been working on custom solutions for some time, and one of their latest developments is a wearable device that generates electricity using human body temperature.

At the same time, the researchers strive to offer an efficient solution for the structure and, as far as possible, to be environmentally friendly, ie to make the individual pieces recyclable.

The researchers have succeeded in produce 1 volt of electricity in contact with one square centimeter of skin. In the team’s view, this could, for example, generate enough electricity to supply smaller devices such as watches or fitness bracelets. In its current form, the device is flexible, easy to repair, and completely recyclable. The university also made a short presentation on the special invention, which can be viewed below:

In addition to the practical use of the device, the aim of designers and engineers is to make the invention that generates electricity from body temperature completely environmentally friendly, both in terms of its use and its recycling.

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