5 Things we learned from the UFC 251 virtual fan event

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Kamaru Usman (picture by Amy Kaplan/FanSided)

Prior to UFC 251 a few of the main event fighters took location in a virtual fan Q&A, here is what we learned.

The UFC is headed into the greatest battle weekend of the year. The fast established on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi has actually developed the UFC’s extremely own Battle Island. The first- ever event at Battle Island will include 3 title battles. 3 of the individuals in these title battles, Rose Namajunas, Max Holloway, and Kamaru Usman took location in a virtual fan Q&A prior to theevent Here are 5 things we learned.

1. Rose Namajunas discussed how she the time distinction will impact the fighters

Numerous might not understand however the battles on the main card of UFC 251 will start at 6 am regional time. That suggests that the undercard fighters will be combating much much earlier. Rose Namajunas discussed this and what it suggests for the fighters.

“I will be fighting at 6, 6:45ish,” Namaunas stated. “For some reason, everyone here is on a daytime schedule and the fighters are on a nighttime schedule. I will usually sleep until 10 pm or sometimes midnight and then get up and do a shakeout and go back to bed. Then I wake up around 3 or 4 in the morning and do my workout.”

The travel and days leading up to the battle will be filled with media and quarantine. it will be intriguing to see how this all plays out on battle night.

2. Max Holloway would like to heading another event in Canada

In the past, Max Holloway has actually called Canada the 6th island and the love is still there. If he would be back in Canada to heading another card and Holloway was more than pleased to state yes, a fan asked. The former featherweight champ has actually battled in Canada 4 times which is in fact the exact same variety of times he has actually battled in his home state of Hawaii.

Naturally, travel limitations and the global pandemic will put the possibility of an event there on the back burner for a long time, however when that time comes Holloway will be all set.

3. Usman wishes to be a gamer

The fighters were asked which activity they wish to do a lot of after the battle and Holloway discussed his love forgaming He is a passionate gamer and streams his play on Twitch. He discussed that there is money to be made and he has actually played in competitions for big money, type 10 thousand to 50 thousand dollars.

This peak the interest of Usman who revealed that he too had an interest in capitalizinggaming He stated he had a Playstation that was gathering dust and he is going to discover to play and make some money doing it.

4. Holloway wishes to attempt camel milk ice cream

A perk of taking a trip for work is getting to experience all various kinds of foods and customizeds. When his battle is over, Holloway is an individual who is looking t take in the real specials of Adu Dhabi. He discussed seeing his cornerman and coach consuming camel milk ice cream and now he wishes to provide it a shot.

The group had a laugh over this and after that started to concern how they even get the milk in the first location.

5 Kamaru Usman was opening a beer when he got the call to combat

When the battle versus Gilbert Burns failed, Usman was on his method home to Florida. On the method, he discussed that he had a stopover in Dallas, TX. It was throughout this stopover that he got word that he was used a battle with Masvidal. He discussed in an amusing story that he chose to treat himself to tacos and a beer given that he had actually been training hard for months given that his battle was off.

He stated simply as he was opening the beer he got word from the UFC and needed to put his cheat meal on hold. He instantly turned right around and flew to Las Vegas and after that on to Abu Dhabi. The battle is simply days away and need to be among the most amazing matches of the year.

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UFC 251 happens on Saturday, July 11, 2020, live from Battle Island on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Follow together with FanSided for all your live news and highlights.

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