5 Things We learned from Dana White’s press conference

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Dana White at UFC Vegas (picture by Amy Kaplan/FanSided)

5 things we learned from Dana White.

The UFC has actually finished up its first event held inside the UFC’s Peak center, UFC Vegas. The card included Gilbert Burns controling former welterweight champ Tyron Woodley in the main event, while likewise hosting a number of notable efficiencies and positively-received battles, making it challenging for UFC President Dana White and the UFC to distribute the post- battle benefits.

Following the event, White resolved the media at his own post- battle pressconference Here are 5 things we learned.

5 things from UFC president Dana White’s press conference at UFC Vegas

1. Dana White feels Jon Jones might have been the LeBron James of Mixed Martial Arts

The greatest story continuous in the UFC is the conflict in between the organization and its UFC light heavyweight champ, Jon Jones. When Jones amused an interest and teased in a battle at heavyweight versus present competitor Francis Ngannou– and fans appeared to be for it, it all started. White questioned the authenticity behind both men’s desire to combat.

Previously today, Jones pursued the UFC and White on Twitter in concerns to settlements for such a battle, with Jones thinking he ought to be paid money on the level of former WBC heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder. He implicated White of lying about the UFC’s money circumstance and desires White to launch the text in between the 2.

“Who do you believe? It’s up to you guys. What the f*** would I lie for?” White stated. “What do I gain in lying about it? Obviously he’s fired up right now and he had a great talk yesterday with Hunter, my lawyer — he’s really close to Jon Jones and likes him. They have a good relationship and they had a good talk yesterday. But, it is what it is. I don’t care. I could care less, to be honest with you.”

“Jon Jones and I have always had this. I’m always looking at what Jon Jones could have been. He could have been the LeBron of this sport — he could have literally been that big. The stuff that he’s been through to show up and demand $15 million, $20 million, $30 million, it’s crazy. He could do whatever he wants to do. He can sit out. He can fight. He can, whatever. You guys know how I am. Jon Jones can say whatever he wants publicly; it’s his God-given right here in America. He can say whatever he wants. And when he’s ready to come back and fight, he can.”

When White was inquired about remarks online around the Mixed Martial Arts neighborhood that state the UFC has the capability to pay Jones that money, White reacted that it’s not a matter of Jones as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, however by Jones’ capability to get pay-per-view buys.

” Being the best of perpetuity does not suggest you get $30 million– [it’s] having the ability to offer. Jon Jones has actually done a great deal of things to himself. In among his tweets, he was stating I stained him. I stained you? You have actually done a great task of staining you. I have not done that. Hunter informed him, ‘You can come in here and walk through the numbers. I’ ll stroll you through all the numbers.’ And he states, ‘I don’ t provide a f *** what the numbers are. I desire what I desire which’s it.’ That’s not how life works.”

2. Kamaru Usman’s next welterweight title defense will be figured out soon

Burns’ win in the UFC Vegas main event officially put him towards the top of the UFC welterweight photo, and White applauded the competitors filling the scene at the minute.

“The welterweight division looks incredible now,” White stated. “You got Usman, you got [Burns], you got Colby Covington, you got [Leon] Edwards and [Jorge] Masvidal. It’s amazing.”

White added that he isn’t sure at the minute which of the competitors will be the next to challenge Usman, the UFC welterweight champ, however he feels fired up for a possibly enjoyable summertime full of battles in between the competitors throughout the UFC’s departments.

” Tuesday we’ll return into the match- making space and we’ll get that exercised. And thank God we’re 4 [events] in from after the break if you look at the departments and the method they’re warming up right now. We’re back on schedule. We’re back on schedule when we’re done next weekend. These things are warming up to make some truly enjoyable battles this summertime.”

3. White states George Floyd homage was “the right thing to do.”

Prior to the card, the UFC aired 2 homage slides. One was for Dr. Albert Capanna, a ringside doctor for the Nevada State Athletic Commission who worked numerous UFC occasions in Las Vegas, and the other was for George Floyd.

Floyd was eliminated in an event with authorities in Minneapolis, MN, on Might 25, with officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for almost 9 minutes. Chauvin has actually been charged with third-degree murder and there are calls throughout the country for the arrest of the other officers on scene limiting Floyd. Floyd’s murder has actually triggered demonstrations and riots throughout America and in areas around the globe.

The UFC’s homage slide to Floyd was rather unanticipated, however White just called it doing the best thing.

“Because we should. What happened was horrible, and it’s something that’s really affecting this country right now and the world,” White stated. “There’s riots going on everywhere across the world right now. It was the right thing to do.”

4. Other sports leagues aren’t back yet not since of coronavirus, however financials

White constantly had the desire to continue occasions through the coronavirus pandemic– and when he was stopped, he preferred to be the first significant sports organization to come back. While that objective was met prevalent criticism, the UFC managed 4 occasions in its May return.

On The Other Hand, the NHL has actually launched a return-to-play strategy, and the NBA appears to be working towards one, while settlements in between the MLB and its gamer’s union has ideas of a 2020 season in doubt. As of June 1, none have actually made a return to play.

To White, the matter of these sports leagues returning isn’t about the coronavirus, however about the financials in returning from the pandemic.

“The biggest problem isn’t COVID-19,” White stated. “COVID-19 isn’t the factor all these sports leagues can’t go. These men can figure it out. It’sfinancial This is a huge financial problem on everyone’s business. It’s a substantial financial problem to do all the important things that you need to do to adhere to keeping the location safe. I genuinely think that’s the real factor that you have not seen any of the majors return yet, since they’re taking a look at what it’s gon na cost them.

” And once again, like I informed you in the past, one person makes the decision here: me. And you understand me, so we’re f ****** going. These other men, you got the league, you got various owners with various viewpoints and various financial circumstances, and it makes it a lot more difficult to manage than something like this.”

5 White hopes charity match with Dan Le Batard really takes place

Throughout battle week, White did an interview with Dan Le Batard on the ESPN character’s own radio show, and the 2 sides entered into it when Le Batard revealed his sensations that UFC fighters are underpaid. Throughout the bickering, White appeared to accept the concept of a battle in between them for charity.

When asked if such a thing can concern fulfillment, White wants it can.

“Please let that be true,” White stated. I’ll flex the guidelines for him[MMA or boxing] He states he’s got 80 pounds on me. Not 80 great pounds, alright? It’s 80 bad pounds or 80 great pounds; he’s got the bad ones. Please let that be true.”

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UFC Vegas happens on Saturday, May 30, 2020, live from the UFC Peak in Las Vegas, NV. Follow in addition to FanSided Mixed Martial Arts for all your news and highlights.

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