5 Keys to Victory for Curtis Blaydes

Derrick Santistevan

Curtis Blaydes (Image by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC through Getty Images)

Here are the 5 things Curtis Blaydes need to do to get a win over Alexander Volkov.

Given That 2016, Curtis “Razor” Blaydes has actually been among the most unsafe and regularly underrated heavyweights in the UFC. Blaydes, who is the No. 3 heavyweight competitor, has actually been silently constructing among the most outstanding resumes in the division, and his main event bout versus Alexander Volkov at UFC Vegas 3 is a chance to make a persuading argument for the next title shot after Francis Ngaunnou.

Blaydes’ outstanding pressure and extraordinary wrestling have actually beat legends of the sport such as Alistair Overeem, Mark Hunt and Alexey Oleynik, to name a few. In addition to his fantastic ground game, Blaydes’ striking has actually likewise been considerably enhancing, as one can see in his last look in the Octagon where he knocked out notorious Heavyweight fighter Junior Dos Santos. With Volkov, nevertheless, Curtis will have to make some changes in order to guarantee a victory over the No. 7 competitor.

These are the 5 keys to victory for Curtis Blaydes.

1. Put Volkov on his back

In his battle versus former UFC champ Fabricio Werdum, Volkov had a hard time significantly in the first couple rounds attempting to keep the battle on the feet. Volkov would ultimately finish the battle in the 4th round through KO, the battle exposed Volkov’s apparent ground downsides when going versus the elite grapplers in the heavyweight division. for Blaydes, he is without a doubt one of the most efficient wrestlers at heavyweight. With an impressive 6.63 takedowns landed per 15 minutes, most of Blaydes’ wins have actually come through strikes on the ground. Blaydes needs to absolutely stick to his common game strategy in this regard, attempting to put Volkov on the ground as much aspossible The longer that Blaydes has Volkov on his back, the much better the possibility is that he will be able to ground and pound him efficiently, and he would be wise to strongly look for takedowns.

2. Make use of elbows efficiently

His label is “Razor” for a factor. With 3 surfaces in the UFC through elbow TKO, Blaydes is among the very best elbow utilizers in the UFC. Ought to the battle go to the ground, Blaydes must intend to make use of elbows and effort to open cuts on Volkov as much aspossible Blaydes would likewise be wise to make use of elbows in the clinch also, which is where he needs to intend to remain while on the feet. Blaydes might likewise really make more money by utilizing his elbows together with getting awin With 2 of his 3 elbow TKOs leading to efficiency of the night bonus offers, Blaydes crowd-pleasing ground and pound might really get him a reward and a win versus Volkov.

3. Prevent kickboxing

Though Blaydes does have a good stand-up game, Volkov is probably the more knowledgeable striker in this match. Volkov, who is a skilled kickboxer, has actually ended 20 of his 31 bouts through KO/TKO, and is understood for his excellent range control and fantastic mixes. In order to effort to neutralize this element of Volkov’s game, Blaydes must try to pressure as much as possible, not offering Volkov enough space to be able to kickbox with him. He has a considerably bigger chance of winning this battle if Blaydes can handle to not let this experienced striker get into his rhythm.

4. Tire him out versus the fence

Blaydes must be prepared to not just tire Volkov out on the ground, however likewise use him out on the feet. In an effort to stop Volkov from discovering his striking variety, Blaydes would be wise to keep Volkov versus the fence, continuously having to safeguard clinch shots from Blaydes and the danger of the takedown. There is no doubt that Volkov will get tired as the battle goes on and undoubtedly open himself up for the takedown if he can do this regularly. There is no doubt that Blaydes’ course to victory lies with a high-pressure, wrestling-heavy design, and keeping Volkov versus the fence when the battle is on the feet would make that course a lot easier.

5 Close the range

Among the most unsafe aspects of Blaydes is his severe athleticism. His capability to get double takedowns from extremely far has actually made him among the most unsafe wrestlers in his division, and the method he closes the range in both his striking and his grappling offers him an unique speed benefit over the majority of his fellow heavyweights. In order to beat Volkov, Blaydes must concentrate on closing the range rapidly and attempting to either land his fantastic jab or effort among his power double- leg takedowns. Blaydes absolutely has the speed benefit over Volkov when it comes to motion, and he would be wise to make use of that as much aspossible If Blaydes can handle to close the range and beat Volkov to the punch regularly, he needs to able to figure out where the battle occurs.

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