3 questions we’d like to see answered when the UFC resumes

Derrick Santistevan

UFC president, Dana White, has actually taken a play from some management playbooks just recently and has actually been uncharacteristically mum on a great deal of future prepares for the promo.

The UFC’s president, Dana White, isn’t too shy to inform somebody they’re ruining. He’s pursued people’s designs, their management partners, their professions and even their look. In recement months White’s been shockingly un-White like. Sure, he’s still informing people to take long strolls off brief piers, however as far as the prepares go, White isn’t spilling much. White waited up until a week (more or less) prior to UFC 249 was set to occur simply to reveal where the battle was occurring.

Given the event never ever took place, after the state of California and the UFC’s broadcast partners actioned in to cancel theevent It simply appears as though White is on an island of his own, and isn’t sure who to trust any longer. Due to the fact that of all this subterfuge and misdirection, fans are left questioning what’s coming next.

So these are the 3 of the questions White need to respond to for the fanbase.

Will Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov get rebooked for the 6th time?

The battle’s currently been canceled 5times It appeared like the battle was going to occur no matter what, and the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t going to stop anything. Other than it did. Khabib Nurmagomedov got stuck in Russian and Tony Ferguson got re-booked versus Justin Gaethje. With Ferguson 36, and almost 30 battles to his name, one has to question simply how feasible a 6th effort to book him and Nurmagomedov would be. Would it even live up to the buzz after attempting to get the bout reserved for the bulk of half- a-decade?

Will the UFC book more battles and cards to offset the shows and bouts lost?

White has spoken about comprising all the canceled battles and cards that the UFC had to delay and cancel however is that still the case? Plainly, Whtie went from a male who wasn’t going to stop running shows at all, to canceling 3 prior to doing the very same to UFC249 That was the card that was set to function the Ferguson and Nurmagomedov battle. Is the strategy to still rebook all the battles on brand-new cards? That is among the greatest questions fans desire to understand at the minute.

Will the UFC and Dana White shut pull back should the anticipated second wave of the infection hit in the fall as forecasted?

White continues to stand in defiance of realities, statistics, science, and sound judgment. , if he had his method the UFC would not have actually missed out on a single event.. Rather, Nevada, California, and Disney had to insert on behalf of sound judgment. The leading contagious illness expert in the nation, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has actually worried the value of following standards in order to not simply flatten the curve however to likewise avoid a fall outbreak of the infection. Should there be another break out in the fall, which could be completely possible with reports that COVID-19 is seeing reactivations in patients when believed treated, would White want to shutter his doors when again?

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