125 Frankie & &(**************** )(***************** )(****************** )close,(******************* )(******************** )(********************* )(********************** )(*********************** )risk

Derrick Santistevan

.(** )The Restaurant Group & has actually validated that 125 Frankie & Benny’s restaurants are going(****************** )close – possiblyputting thousands of jobs atrisk

(** )Andy Hornby, president of TRG stated the relocation will much better place the business in the middle of the “challenging market conditions facing the casual dining sector”.

He added: “The concerns facing our sector are well recorded and we have actually currently taken definitive action to enhance our liquidity, decrease our expense base and downsize our operations.

” I would like to completely thank all of my TRG colleagues for their continued understanding and amazing dedication throughout this extraordinary duration.”

The business will likewise look for to decrease lease at 85 other websites.

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